Mists of Pandaria Mistweaver Monk Guide – Talents, Rotations and Stats

The Monk is one of the new classes coming up in the Mists of Pandaria, and we’ve compiled a small guide you help you get stuck in smoothly.

Mistweaver Basics
Monks can fulfill three roles in the Mists; Tanking Melee, DPS and Healing. The Mistweaver specialization fills the Healing role.

Mistweaver monks have two primary resources, mana and chi. Mana works similarly to all other mana-based classes; it regenerates at a constant rate, regenerates at half that rate in combat, and powers the majority of your healing abilities. The major different is that many of your mana spells generate Chi. Chi can stack up to 4 (5 if talented) and powers some of the spec’s stronger spells and damage potential.

That’s right, damage potential. Mistweavers have several passive abilities that allow them to convert damage into healing. The most important of these is Eminence, which converts 50% of the monk’s special ability damage into healing a nearby ally with the lowest health.

Eminence can currently be stacked twice if a Jade Serpent Statue is dropped, which provides enough healing for encounters with light damage. This is what separates them from some of the other healing classes.

Mistweavers are designed to use intellect leather, same as restoration and balance druids. Preened leather items are great, though you can certainly get away with cloth gear at lower levels.

For weapons, monks can either dual wield fist weapons, swords, maces, and axes or use a two-handed polearm or staff. For heirloom purposes, the Dignified Headmaster’s Charge is your best option.

Soothing Mist: Soothing Mist is your “cheap heal.” It doesn’t have a long cast time like other cheap heals, but it’s also a channeled spell and heals for very little. This is your filler that you’ll cast when nobody’s taking significant damage.

What’s really unique about Soothing Mist is how it forms combos with your other spells, which I will cover in the respective spell description. 25% chance to generate Chi.

Surging Mist: Surging Mist is your “fast heal, it does roughly three times the healing per second as Soothing Mist, but it takes quite a bit more mana, so you want to use it sparingly. When Soothing Mist is being channeled, Surging Mist becomes an instant-cast usable on the Soothing target, and it doesn’t break the channel. Generates Chi

Enveloping Mist: Enveloping Mist costs 3 chi, can also be cast as an instant during Soothing Mist, and has two benefits. Not only is it a very strong heal over time that is similar in strength to Surging Mist, it also boosts the healing from Soothing Mist by 30%.

Renewing Mist: This is the Mistweavers primary AoE heal, and isn’t all that great, except for the fact that it clones itself three times during its duration. Basically on each of the first three ticks it’ll create a full-duration copy that goes to the nearest injured ally. The same ally cannot have multiple clones on it however, and the copies don’t copy themselves. It synergizes with the next ability though..

Uplift: Uplift costs 2 chi, heals all targets that currently have your Renewing Mist for a small amount, and increases the duration of the effect by 6 seconds. If you can generate Chi efficiently enough using Renewing Mist, Soothing Mist and Surging Mist, you can keep casting Renewing Mist/Uplift to ensure constant healing on a dozen raid members.

Healing Sphere: Basically you can create up to three little health pickups that anyone can grab for a bit of healing.

Mistweavers have two rotations, the first being where they function as weak DPS that heals others for a portion of the damage they deal, and the second (which they must switch to when the raid is taking a pounding) where they abandon DPS and focus on all out healing. Make sure to stay in the Serpent Stance for both of these.

Use Jab, Expel Harm, or one of your heals to generate chi, then spend it via Tiger Palm or Blackout Kick to get the Eminence healing and the Serpent’s Zeal buff. You must keep up this buff all the time.

If you’re fighting a large pack, use Spinning Crane Kick, which heals based on AoE damage. Try to keep your statue up in the right place to double the effects of Eminence and get free casts of Soothing Mist. You’ll still be tossing out a few heals now and then.

When the damage gets higher and your raid is not looking good you switch to full-time healing.

Low damage: Channel Soothing Mist on the target (each tick has a chance to generate 1 Chi).

Low to moderate damage: Channel Soothing Mist on the target (each tick has a chance to generate 1 Chi).

High damage: Channel Soothing Mist on the target (each tick has a chance to generate 1 Chi). Keep up Enveloping Mist on the target (costs 3 Chi). Spam Surging Mist on the target (generates 1 Chi).

Emergency situations: Cast Surging Mist on the target, if it is instant cast due to Vital Mists. Cast Soothing Mist on the target and immediately cast Surging Mist on the target.

While moving: Cast Healing Sphere, placing the spheres under the raid members that need healing (it neither generates nor costs Chi).

Multiple Target Healing: Keep Renewing Mist on Cooldown. Use Uplift when the raid damage intensifies. Renewing Mist alone is not enough to generate enough Chi for continuous Uplifts, intersperse single target Chi generating heals like the Soothing/Surging combo for additional Chi.

Tier 1
Take Celerity here, Momentum is pretty good too but I’d take Celerity over it. Tiger’s lust is a little better for Mistweavers as it can be used on others.

Tier 2
I take Chi Burst here. Chi wave is better when you have a smaller raid party but the amount of AoE from Burst is lovely.

Tier 3
As a Mistweaver, you won’t be Jabbing as much as Windwalkers and Brewmasters. Therefore Chi Brew is the one for you.

Tier 4
None of these has too much impact on your gameplay. Take Charging Ox Wave for the added CC.

Tier 5
Dampen Harm will make your life a lot easier, especially as you’ll probably be in melee range.

Tier 6
Rushing Jade Wind is the best option but Xuen is pretty good too as the damage it deals contributes to Eminence healing.

The stat priority for a Mistweaver Monk is:

  • Spirit (until you are comfortable with your mana regeneration);
  • Haste Rating (until the 8.33% soft haste cap);
  • Intellect;
  • Mastery Rating;
  • Critical Strike Rating;
  • Haste Rating (after the soft haste cap).

You might notice that neither of the defensive abilities I mentioned above were included in the rotation. This is because you need to judge when to use them for yourself. I cannot predict the 6 seconds during a fight when Shield Block will be most effective for you.