Mists of Pandaria Arms Warrior Guide – Talents, Rotations and Stats

With Mists of Panderia looming over the horizon we think it’s about time to take a look at the specs for the Arms Warrior. Note that this guide is primarily optimized for group PvE.


  • Stance penalties are gone meaning that arms can now use Whirlwind in battle stance and thus has a class-wide AoE available.
  • Bladestorm is no longer spec specific.
  • Throwdown is gone.
  • Rend is gone.
  • Mortal Strike automatically applies Deep Wounds. Mortal Strike also automatically then procs Overpower, thanks to Taste for Blood.
  • Slam is now a baseline arms ability and is instant-cast.
  • Rage generation has been changed. Arms warriors will generate rage from Mortal Strike in addition to charge (which can be used in combat untalented now), Battle or Commanding Shout and white attacks. Entering into an enrage will also generate 10 rage. For arms, enrage can be entered into via a Mortal Strike or Colossus Smash critical hit or forced by using Berserker Rage.
  • Stances have been changed. Arms will most likely use Battle Stance, which generates increased rage from damage dealt (white hits) for the vast majority of the time. Berserker Stance may see some use in PvP or when taking extremely high environmental damage in specific dungeon or raid boss fights.

Stats for Arms Warriors are pretty much the same as for Fury Warriors.

Strength – This is your primary damage-dealing stat. You want strength, ignore that sissy agility weapon.

Critical strike rating – Stack this in priority just below Strength. Crits increase your damage output significantly.

Hit and expertise – You really need to get the 7.5% caps in these. Arms swing very slow, and each hit missed is a lot of damage you’re not doing. Also almost all of your abilities can be missed or parried, including your major rage generator Mortal Strike.

Mastery Strikes of Opportunity isn’t as good as it is now, but it’s still pretty good, and mastery still seems better than haste. Maybe.

Haste – It’s better than it has been for arms ever, but it’s still behind everything else. Still, with rage being tied to white hits and haste increasing the frequency of your white hits, this stat is not to be shunned and avoided as it once was. I’m even debating it vs. mastery, what with the nerfs that Strikes of Opportunity took.

The Arms talents are almost identical to the Fury talents, with just a few differences.

Tier 1
I recommend Warbringer for the CC. It’s incredibly useful in PvP. For PvE you might want to take Double Time.

Tier 2
All three of these are decent healing options. Enraged Regeneration has the advantage over Impending Victory in that you don’t need something to hit in order to activate it, but Impending Victory has a shorter cooldown, does more healing if you can get it off twice in succession (if you kill something) and damages as well. Then of course there Second Wind, where you don’t need to bother with pressing buttons or cooldowns or anything.

Tier 3
I take Piercing Howl on this tier, as it’s good for both PvP and PvE. The other options are both viable of course; you can’t really go wrong with CC. If you want pure PvE utility take Disrupting Shout and for pure PvP Staggering Shout.

Tier 4
Oooh, this is a hard choice. You can’t really go wrong with any of these. If I was forced to choose I would say that Bladestorm is the better option in terms of pure DPS.

Tier 5
Choose Vigilance or Safeguard here. Neither ability needs a shield, and Safeguard will clear snares and roots while also reducing the damage of your intervene target by 20% for 6 seconds.

Tier 6
Once again we have three very viable options. Storm Bolt is actually very good against most bosses, since they can’t be stunned and therefore take the extra 300% damage, and you can use it every 30 seconds.

Bloodbath you can pop every minute, making it an excellent replacement for Death Wish if you’re looking for a relatively fast cooldown you can almost use rotationally.

Avatar, despite its longer 3-minute cooldown, gives you an extra 20% damage and increased rage gen as well as immunity to roots and snares. I prefer Bloodbath personally, as it synergises with my AoE Bladestorm.


  • Use Mortal Strike on cooldown (unless you are at full rage, in which case you can delay it for one global cooldown).
  • Use Colossus Smash and fit damaging abilities in the 6 seconds window.
  • Use Execute.
  • Use Overpower often enough so that none of its uses are wasted. Overpower is made available when the target dodges one of your attacks, each time you use Mortal Strike, and thanks to Taste for Blood, each Overpower had a 30% chance of triggering another Overpower.
  • Use Heroic Strike when you have stacks of Taste for Blood and when you are unable to avoid being at maximum rage.
  • Use Slam as filler or to dump rage when the target is above 20% health. Otherwise, use Execute.
  • Use Battle Shout or Commanding Shout in order to generate rage when nothing else is available.