Lofty Goals Of Just Cause Developer And The Just Cause 3 Teaser

Avalanche Studios is reaching straight for the stars, an interview conducted by Eurogamer reveals. Studio head Christofer Sundberg said in the interview that:

We are set on becoming the best open world developer. That’s our ultimate goal. It’s a very competitive genre. Rockstar is more of a phenomenon than a competitor. What we can offer to the genre is diversity, which very few other open world developers can.

Avalanche Studios shot to fame in the game development industry when they started the Just Cause video game series, the second of which was released in 2010 and is regarded by many as the greatest open world game of this generation. Sundberg also talked a bit about the upcoming Mod for Just Cause which enables 600-player multiplayer. He mentioned that multiplayer was not included in JC2 because of budget constraints, and that they didn’t want to just staple a half-finished multiplayer onto the game.

But what the guys have done now with the multiplayer mod is fantastic, and it completely came out of left field. So we have them to thank for a lot. It’s even too crazy for Just Cause. If we had done it it would have been more planned. Since it’s a mod, it’s just like DayZ, they can get away with a lot, which we wouldn’t be able to unfortunately as a developer.

Sundberg also hinted that Just Cause 3 might be next-gen when he said that the JC franchise is “absolutely perfect for next generation consoles based on what we know so far”.