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FIFA 13 Custom Tactics and Formation Guide

FIFA 13 like its predecessors, gives players the freedom of customization, including tactics and formations, etc.

If you don’t like the default format, you can make use the customization feature to adjust things to your liking. Let’s start with tactics first, and then I will move on to the formations’ section.

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FIFA 13 – Custom Tactics

If you are not happy with the default tactics option, you can go to the settings and switch them. The preset tactics include counter attack, high pressure, possession, long ball.

In counter attacking option, you will have at least one striker near the half line so after you clear the ball from your own box, the players will break free quickly and execute an effective attack.

High Pressure will make players keep the formation tight leaving out lesser open spaces. For the long ball, you strikers will make some aggressive runs up front so that you can pass the ball to them in air.

And if you want a completely customized tactical plan, you can use the slider bars of the corresponding options to increase or decrease the certain mentality. You can save the customized plan and use it whenever you want.

FIFA 13 – Quick Tactics

You can also use the tactics (default or custom), with one touch through the arrow keypad on your controller.

All you need to do is bind the tactics you devised with any directional button, and you can press the button and activate it any time during the match.

This option can help changing things instantaneously depending on whether you are losing or winning.

FIFA 13 – Custom Formations

If you understand the basics of football, formations my friends will be the area where you will be spending most of your time during the match.

Regardless of the fact, there are plenty of pre-defined formations you can choose from, there is also an option to make a complete custom formation and use it in the matches.

We can’t say that one formation is the best as there are multiple factors that affect the decision of choosing a particular formation. Obviously, if you don’t have good wingers, you shouldn’t go for formation with two attacking wingers and so on.

Each formation can have benefits and some loopholes. Choose the one in which you can handle the loopholes with ease.