Far Cry 3: New Trailer Introduces Vass & Buck

A new trailer for Far Cry 3 introduces Vaas and Buck, two of the savages who mean business.

Vaas is a psychotic slave trader who has no mercy for the weak. His favorite past times include killing people or watching them suffer. Any amount of humanity that once existed in him is now gone. He is a mindless killer and everyone fears him because of his unpredictable nature. If you want to stay alive then keep yourself far from him as possible.

When trouble arises Vass is an expert shot and a lethal hand-to-hand warrior.

Buck is addicted to inflicting pain onto others. Working as a hired killer for Hoyt Volker, Buck tries it best to torture his victims before killing them off.

His trusty Bowie knife is his best friend, making him dangerous in close-quarter combat.

Far Cry 3 will release for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on November 29.