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Eurogamer Expo: Day Zero

So, erm. Here I am in London.

It is the night before Eurogamer, and I’m sat here in my hotel room pondering the events of the next three days. I’ve been asked to do some blogs for my personal experiences and thoughts on the event, rather than focusing on specific games and portions of the show. I was going to wait until tomorrow, but I thought I’d invite you to a special “Day Zero” blogpost for my expectations.

So, let’s turn to those forethoughts:

Tomorrow is day one of Eurogamer Expo. I’m surprisingly nervous, as I haven’t had chance to go to a press event since Rezzed, and due to unforeseen illnesses and other such events, my actual coverage of Rezzed was quite poor.

I’m quite paranoid that something will befall me again, and that I’ll screw this up as badly as I did prior. We’ve invested a lot more into Eurogamer Expo though; I’m here for three days rather than just the one, and I’ll be covering it live (In a fashion) rather than waiting until I get home. Hopefully, it’s just nerves and I’ll get over them tomorrow when the event begins.

Moving away from that though, what of the show itself?

I’m covering Eurogamer Expo for SegmentNext, and we’ve booked some interviews. Of course, I’m hesitant to mention exactly who we’ve booked interviews with so far because that’d be ruining the surprise. Five are lined up with more to be booked over the weekend hopefully. Those of you that have heard me on XPGrind will know that I’m somewhat of an abrasive personality.

I tend to be a bit shouty and offensive. It’s that kind of thing I need to avoid in these interviews though. I’m looking forward to the interviews, but I’m hoping that I don’t accidentally blurt something out and offend someone.

With that in mind, I’ve managed to prepare interview material ahead of time. We’ve got a lot of interest in the indie devs who are going to be there; so many of the questions are geared towards them, but I’ve set aside a few things for the bigger interviews that are coming.

What’s important here is getting the information that our audience want, so I did some digging around the public for questions. Thanks again to everyone who helped me.

Moving past interviews, there’s the actual show itself. More than 50,000 tickets have been sold, so there’s going to be a lot of people there. I don’t know how big the exhibition center is, so I’m hoping that it is large enough to accommodate so many people.

People tell me that it’ll be fine, but I do tend to worry about this kind of thing. Crowds of people can be quite bothersome, especially if you need to navigate your way around quickly and efficiently. Having never been to a Eurogamer Expo before, I’ve got no idea what their choice of location is like. Tomorrow will see.

The actual titles that are going to be at the expo are quite exciting. I’m looking forward to seeing the guys at Born Ready Games again, and I can’t wait to see what they’ve been doing with Strike Suit Zero. I’m undecided on whether or not to go near the Assassin’s Creed 3 booth, as I’m wary of any spoilers but I also really want to try it out.

Some other major titles such as GRID 2, Halo 4 and Medal of Honor definitely have my eye as well. I’d list all of those games here, but there’s just so many of them! I’ll list those that I’m most looking forward to though.

Strike Suit Zero, as it was my favourite game from Rezzed.

Halo 4, as anyone who listens to the podcast should know how much of a Halo fanboy I am.

Pikmin 3, recently announced and the first ever opportunity we’ll get to play it.

Company of Heroes 2, as I’m a massive RTS fan and loved the first game.

Zone of the Enders: HD Collection, as anyone who played the originals might understand.

There’re so many more, but I’ll refrain from listing them and keeping you all day.

I would blather on more, but I appear to have run out of topics. Eurogamer Expo starts in just twelve hours from the time I finished writing this. I hope you look forward to my coverage as well as the continuation of this blog.

Thanks for reading, guys.