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DICE Developer Wants To Make Battlefield 2143

Lars Gustavsson from DICE has expressed his views on wanting to develop a sequel to Battlefield 2142. While Battlefield 2 back then dealt with current era warfare, Battlefield 2142 took a more ‘Halo’ approach, featuring futuristic weapons and set up.

During a live chat he was asked whether there was a Battlefield 2143 planned for development. He replied:

No, it’s currently not but I would love to make it.

When we announced in the studio that we were going to build Battlefield 2142, a lot of people ran over and wanted to apply for that team.

I guess that the creative freedom that comes with a fictional world is something that’s tempting when you have made games around historical and contemporary settings for a longer time.

Battlefield 2142 was released on PC back in 2006. For now it’s only confirmed that DICE plans to release Battlefield 4 in fall of 2014 and it will also be set up in a modern era.