Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode Details

It seems as if Treyarch is loading Black Ops 2 full of content. This time around, Treyarch’s zombie mode is going to be much more robust. Featuring four new playable characters, new weapons and three game modes.

One of the new game modes features players riding on a bus, in an open-world. The bus is used not only to lawn mower hoards of zombies, but to transport you from map to map. Though, the bus isn’t a free ride – its toll may be payed with your lives, as you defend it againstĀ  an onslaught of zombies.

Be sure to keep an engineer in your party, because you’ll need them to repair important items that you’ll come across in the open-world.

Another game mode is Survival mode. In it, you’ll be doing what you’ve always done in Treyarch zombie modes; killing wave after wave of zombies. You’ll be selecting different survival levels by driving to their designated locations in your bus.

The mode that I’m most interested in, is Grief mode. It’ll consist of 4v4 player versus player action. Only, there will be zombies populating the area.

The objective? Simply be the last human team surviving. There will be all sorts of unique items to this game mode, that help “entice” the zombies to eat the other team. I guess it’s true, you don’t need to be fast to out run a zombie; you just need to be faster than the other team.