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Torchlight 2 Items Guide – Ember Gems, Enchantments, Stash, Scrolls and Potions

There are a lot of items in Torchlight 2….I mean a whole lot…5773 to be precise. Now dealing with all these items can be a bit hectic but there are ways to sort them out, and we are here to help you with that. Most of these items are categorized by color/rarity throughout the game:

  • White: Common items.
  • Green : Items with random enchantments.
  • Blue: Rare Items.
  • Gold: Unique Items.
  • Purple: Quest related Items.

Some items also have sockets in them, which allows the usage of Ember Gems with them. Enchantments can be used to improve the items you have already. Pets can carry items for you. Items can be bought in stores or found while doing quests.

Some weapons or armor pieces have slots in them where you can put Ember Gem to buff the weapon.

For example, placing a Frost Gem in the slot of a sword will cause it to have an ice damage along with the usual damage. Note that you can stack Gems and enchantments together on a single item.

For e.g. by stacking gems with Enchantments, a four socket item can be improved to include up to eight new abilities!

Ember Gems
These Gems can be placed in equipment slots to make that particular equipment more powerful. Gems come in many sizes and colors. A bigger gem will add more power to your weapon. Gems come in many colors corresponding to elemental attacks or special abilities, including Fire, Ice, Spark, Venom, Iron, Void, and Skull.

For example, placing a Frost Gem in the slot of a sword will cause it to have ice damage along with the usual damage. People with Gem icon over their heads can destroy old equipment to retrieve the Gems from it.

Enchantments essentially belong to blue or green weapons. They provide buffs to your defense, attack and other stats. Note that you can stack Gems and enchantments together on a single item. You can even add enchantments to an already enchanted weapon.

These are special chests found in each town and serve a single player only. While adventuring, you may occasionally encounter good weapons or armor that your character isn’t strong enough to use. You can store these items in your stash and when you have leveled up come back and simply collect them.

You can collect your stashed equipment from any stash chest in any city. So do not worry about going to the same city where you stashed it before just to pick them up again. You also have a Shared Stash. This is a place to hold items that aren’t useful to your character class or build, but, they might be useful to another character you create.

Portal Scrolls
These scrolls can be used to travel from any destination you are currently at to any particular way point in any town. Portal Scrolls cannot be used in Boss rooms. Your Pet can be sent back to town from any dungeon to purchase Waypoint scrolls. They are expended when once used.

Potions can be used in Torchlight II to either regain health or mana, or to increase statistics.

Gold is dropped from most monsters and is used as the basic currency of the game. Gold is used to buy potions, scrolls, weapons, armor, enchantments, etc.

Identify Scrolls
These scrolls are used to reveal name and function of red items. They are expended when once used. Pets may be sent from dungeons to purchase Identify Scrolls in town.

Spell Scroll
These are one-off spells that can be used as long as Mana and Cooldown requirements are met.