Sony Will Continue Support For PS3 Until 2015 Atleast

With the dawn of next-gen consoles on the horizon some would think that the old consoles will be laid to rest soon. However, John Koller, PlayStation VP of hardware marketing, disagrees. Talking to Gamespot Koller made it clear that Sony’s intends to support the PS3 way past the launch of PS4 through 2015 at least. He said:

We are increasingly bullish on the PS3’s prospects not only this year but over the next few years. A lot of great content is coming. And over the next two to three years, the PS3 has got an incredible lineup. We’re going to continue supporting the PS3 for the next few years. Absolutely. And we’re going to continue supporting it not only that long, but as long as there is a development spigot that’s running hot.

Same thing with PS2… it’s kind of stuck around as that old warrior, many years after its launch. But there’s still games launching for it.

To reaffirm these statements, please note that Sony recently launched two new models of the PS3 with price tags of $270 and $300.

Source: Gamespot