Mists of Pandaria Windwalker Monk Guide – Talents, Rotations and Stats

The Monk is one of the new classes coming up in the Mists of Pandaria, and we’ve compiled a small guide you help you get stuck in smoothly. Note that things are still subject to change.

Windwalker Basics
Monks can fulfill three roles in the Mists; Tanking Melee, DPS and Healing. The Windwalker specialization fills the melee damage role.

The Windwalker has two resources, Energy and Chi. Energy regenerates automatically and fuels your basic abilities; these abilities create Chi, which fuels your better, more advanced abilities. This obviously means that you’ll be weaving Chi generating and Chi spending abilities throughout your rotation.

Windwalkers are designed to be agility fighters so your gear will be pretty similar to a rogue’s. Agility leathers for armors and for weapons, you can dual wield fist weapons, swords, maces and axes or use a two-handed pole arm or staff. Shadow craft armor with dual Venerable Mass of McGowan or the soon to be implemented Burnished Warden Staff seems like a good idea.

Core Abilities
Jab: A basic, low-damage ability that grants you 1 Chi (2 if you’re in Fierce Tiger Stance) it also triggers the Windwalker monk mastery, Combo Breaker, which grants a chance for stronger abilities to be free of charge.

Rising Sun Kick: This ability costs 2 chi and has a short cooldown but hits for a significant amount as well as debuffing the enemy to take 10% additional damage from all your abilities.

Fists of Fury: This is a 4-second channeled ability that does five pulses of reasonable damage to anything in front of you. More importantly, though, all enemies hit by it are stunned for the duration. Keep in mind that this does Total Damage to all Enemies, meaning that the damage will be split between targets.

Blackout Kick: This ability costs 2 chi but is the hardest-hitting instant strike in the monk’s arsenal, giving you a small heal and a chance to gain some chi back if you kill the target with it.

Tiger Palm: It doesn’t hit that hard, but it’s cheap and has a small stacking buff, use it when you only have one Chi and Jab is on cooldown.

Other Abilities
Movement Flying Serpent Kick is quite possibly the most enjoyable move in the game. One click, and you instantly take off at epic mount speed in a straight line. Click again, and you land thunderously, doing a bit of AoE damage. You also have Roll, which is similar to a mage’s Blink. Finally, there’s Transcendence, which is somewhat similar to a warlock’s Demonic Portal.

Ranged damage – You’ve got two options: Spinning Fire Blossom, which hits for a good amount of damage but costs 1 chi, or Crackling Jade Lightning, which doesn’t hit for much but at least costs energy, so you should always have it available.

Survivability – Touch of Karma is your go-to ability to keep yourself alive. You also have Fortifying Brew, which has a cooldown of 3 minutes but gives you health and damage reduction simultaneously.

Buffs and Cooldowns – For buffs, you get two legacies: Legacy of the Emperor, which is a 5% stat boost, and Legacy of the White Tiger, which increases mastery. For personal DPS boosts, you’ve got two brews, Energizing Brew and Tigereye Brew, which increase energy regen and damage respectively.

Others – Even though you’re not a healing spec, you can do some light healing with Healing Sphere, remove diseases and poisons with Detox, and revive dead players (out-of-combat) with Resuscitate.


Single Target Rotation:

  • Keep Rising Sun Kick debuff up.
  • Use Combo Breaker procs.
  • Zen Sphere on CD.
  • Fists of Fury on CD.
  • Tiger Palm or Blackout Kick, depending on enemy HP %.
  • Jab (or Expel Harm, if hurt) Energizing Brew as necessary for energy.

AOE Rotation:

  • Keep Rising Sun Kick debuff up.
  • Fists of Fury on CD
  • Spinning Crane Kick
  • Jab/Expel Harm for Chi


Tier 1
Take Celerity here, Momentum is pretty good too but I’d take Celerity over it. Tiger’s lust doesn’t pay off in PvE though it’s a godsend in PvP.

Tier 2
Take Zen Sphere. 2 Chi, HoT on a single target, also does damage to closest enemy. The damage and healing from this is ridiculously overpowered.

Tier 3
Chi Brew is very nice, but I prefer to take Power Strikes. It’ll make your Jab generate extra Chi every 20 seconds.

Tier 4
Take Leg Sweep here. It’ll stun all enemies in melee range for five seconds. Charging Ox Wave is good too, but Leg Sweep is better since you’ll already be in melee range.

Tier 5
Dampen Harm will make your life a lot easier, literally. Halving the big attacks coming your way? Yes please.

Tier 6
Take Xuen here. Rushing Jade Wind can work for Windwalkers too, as it has a MUCH better cooldown as well as AoE damage/healing, but it costs Chi as compared to Xuen’s free status.

Agility: Your primary stat. Provides dodge, attack power, and crit. Everything you need.

Critical Rating: You’re a dps class, this increases your dps. Not rocket science.

Haste: Provides faster auto attacks and faster energy regen, which leads to faster chi generation and more uptime on defenses.

Hit and Expertise rating: You need to get this up to 7.5% before much else. Decreases your chance to miss, or get dodged or parried. The last thing you want to do is to miss your Keg Smash and not get the 2 Chi it provides.