Mists of Pandaria Holy Paladin Guide – Talents, Rotations and Stats

With Mists of Panderia looming over the horizon, we think it’s about time to take a look at the specs for the Holy Paladin. Note that this guide is primarily optimized for group PvE.

Basic Changes
While unlike the massive pally makeover that happened in Cataclysm there have been some significant alterations leading up to Mists. Paladins have a newly redesigned the talent system so that it is now based on player preference and situational usefulness.

Players receive their core abilities automatically when selecting a spec, and talents serve to supplement different styles of gameplay. Oh and you can have up to five Holy Power.

Spirit: You need to stack spirit up to a point. That point being, when you have enough mana and regen to be able to comfortably get through an encounter without running out in the middle of the fight.

Intellect: This is your bread and butter. As a healer, this stat is crucial to make sure your allies’ health bars stay happy. It also increases your spell critical chance, which is nice.

Haste and Mastery: These two are at the same level for me, Haste will quicken your cast time and lower the GCD and Mastery Rating, through Mastery: Illuminated Healing, causes your heals to automatically place absorption effects on their targets.

Critical Strike Rating: Finally, this will increase the crit chance on your attacks and heals, but is inferior to the other stats.


  • Use Holy Shock on every cooldown to build Holy Power.
  • Use Word of Glory to heal low to moderate damage.
  • Use Holy Light to heal low to moderate damage.
  • Use Divine Light to heal moderate to high damage.
  • Flash of Light is to be saved for emergency ‘oh crap’ moments to save players facing death.

Remember to maintain Beacon of Light and Sacred Shield on your main healing target. And make use of your Seal of Insight whenever possible.

So far, out Paladins have had very similar talents; the Holy variety differs only slightly:

Tier 1
As in the other builds, take Speed of Light as it is the most reliable speed buff.

Tier 2
This choice is more of less irrelevant for you as a healer. I take Fist of Justice as Burden of Guilt requires that I use more judgments and Repentance is broken by damage.

Tier 3
Eternal Flame and Sacred Shield vie for the top spot here, and both are very good options, if you already have other healers but not enough damage mitigation, take the shield. Again, since we won’t be using judgment much Sacred Healer is not an option.

Tier 4
All of these are viable but I prefer clemency as it lets me use my hands more often (yes I know how that sounded).

Tier 5
Holy Avenger is head and shoulders above the rest here.

Tier 6
We normally take Execution Sentence since it gives more healing or damage but the ramp up time means that Holy Prism is a better option. Use it on a raid boss surrounded by your allies for multiple heals.