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Four Amazing DLC Packs For The Amazing Spiderman Coming To PSN

Well, if web slinging around New York as the Spiderman is simply not enough for you, we have got good news for you. With the Four new DLC, packs headed your way you can play as The Lizard, Rhino and Stan Lee himself. How awesome is that?

And lest you belittle me on the account of my counting skills let me tell you that the Fourth DLC pack provides you with mini-games to play. Beenox says that each DLC will be priced around $3 to $4, but you can get all Four DLC packs by paying just $10. The DLC packs will be available on the PSN store tomorrow.

This DLC is a must-have for any comic book’s fan. I mean who does not want to fight crime as the Godfather of Marvel comics himself, Stan Lee?