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Dishonored: New Web Series Begins – Tales of Dunwall

A new web series for Dishonored will pave the way to the game’s release in October. The series is called ‘The Takes From Dunwall’ and will be split into three parts.

All three episodes of the series have been produced by the hands of animation studio Psyop. The narration has been done by Chloë Moretz, who also plays as Lady Emily in the game, the kidnapped daughter of the late empress. The music has been composed by Dexter’s Daniel Licht.

The first part of the series is called ‘The Awakening’ and was released a couple of hours ago. The video gives us a quick peek into the shadowy city of Dunwall where the game takes place.

Many of the characters from the city are mentioned in this series, with whom you can interact in the game.

Dishonored is scheduled for release on October 9 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.