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Star Trek Online Producer On MMO and Game Ratings

Do game reviews stay accurate over time? Or are they infested with launch day hype? It turns out that Dan Stahl, producer of Star Trek Online, doesn’t think that game reviews are fair in the long run.

In a recent interview, Stahl talked about his thoughts on initial reviews of MMO and how they reflect on the game over time.

There are plenty of MMOs that have made huge strides since days one and some that have even gotten worse.

It’s not often that we get to hear these kinds of thoughts, but Stahl’s opinion reflects quite deeply on the industry. MMOs in particular are a lot harder to review than most people give them credit for, and since they’re only reviewed once (Often near release), it’s difficult to get a honest view of what the game is like several years down the line.

MMOs are an ever-evolving medium, and each game can change wildly over time, often becoming vastly different from their original incarnation. Dan Stahl thinks that there needs to be a more progressive form of reviewing for MMOs in particular, so that they can be better judged as they evolve.

Source: Massively