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PSN Plus Members Get Borderlands Instant Play and Other Discounts

Are you a Playstation Plus member?  If not, then I have to ask what is wrong with you?  There’s so many good perks!

Take this week’s bonuses for example.  You’ll be able to get a discounted copy of the new Tokyo Jungle game at $11.99 while everyone else will be paying $14.99. 

You’ll also get the single player campaign component for Starhawk for the low price of free if you’re a member.  There’s also the news that Borderlands is getting added to the “Instant Play” line-up!  You’ll be able to see what Pandora was like before Handsome Jack arrived whenever you feel like it without having to pop in a disc.

Seriously, quit reading this news story and go check out the Playstation Plus membership.  I know you won’t be dissapointed.