Guild Wars 2 Plains of Ashford Skill Challenges Guide

Skill Challenges in Guild Wars 2 are the tasks that when completed, reward you with a skill point. There are several types:

  • Communing — Unlock a place of power, usually guarded by a veteran foe.
  • Direct combat — Defeat a single foe (usually an initially friendly one, who offers the challenge).
  • Horde combat — Battle a veteran and several weaker enemies; usually activated via an object.
  • Item challenges — After fighting your way past groups of enemies, you will find an interactive item that must be triggered to earn the skill point.
  • Creature Codex —Find and obtain a creature codex book from an NPC.

You’ll be able to see how many skill challenges are present in a zone when you load in by looking at the loading screen, or by opening the map [M] while out exploring.

Completing each of an area’s skill challenges is one of the four requirements to earning the corresponding explorer title. In this guide, however, we will focus only on the skill challenges present in Plains of Ashford province.

The Plains of Ashford is the starting zone for the Charr in Guild Wars 2 and has a total of six skill challenge locations for the players to earn extra skill points.

Most of the skill challenges found here are very hard as compared to some other zones, such as Queensdale. Be prepared to be put to the test to complete many of the skill challenges found here.

Skill Challenge #1
The first is probably one of the easier challenges to complete in the Plains. Head straight north as soon as you exit the main city, and you’ll find an NPC named Titus Gearclaw. Interact with him to initiate combat. He’s not very challenging and most players can solo him at a very low level.

Skill Challenge #2
The second challenge is only slightly more difficult than the first. It’s best if you don’t attempt this before getting to level 10.

You basically need to challenge another NPC (this one named Micka Thickblood) to a fight. You can find her standing near the repair NPC and crafting trainers at the Ashford Forum outpost. She uses a couple of AoE attacks so try dodging.

Skill Challenge #3
The third challenge is also near the Ashford Forum outpost; you can get to it by leaving the outpost via the east side and going north.

You’ll find a pole stuck in the ground that you must interact with. Four ghosts spawn that you must defeat of which three are regular level 10 ghosts, and the fourth is a veteran mob named Captain Mattox. Soloing this challenge can be difficult, and it is recommended that you have at least one ally with you for it.

Skill Challenge #4
The fourth challenge is located at the southern edge of the map, in a small cave on the south-western shore of Lake Adorea. There are a couple of Fire Imps outside the cave that you’ll need to take care of, but they shouldn’t pose a problem if you’re at level 10.

Inside the cave, you’ll find a small burning object called the Effigy Core. Interacting with it will spawn a level 10 veteran mob called the Veteran Prototype Effigy, you should be able to solo the thing, though the fight will be much easier if you have an ally.

Remember not to lead the fight to the cave entrance, unless you want the fire imps (who might respawn) to join in the fun.

Skill Challenge #5
The fifth challenge will see you take out your swimming gear and take a dip in the lake just south of the Ascalon City Ruins, near the northeastern portion of the map. All you need to do is swim to the location and ‘commune with the place of power’.

It’s easy enough but there is a chance of running into a level 13 Veteran Bog Scale, so be careful. You should be able to solo it, but the next and last challenge right next to it, and you’ll definitely need a group for that.

Skill Challenge #6
The sixth and final challenge is at the Great Northern Wall, just north of the previous one. You’ll need to Commune with another place of power, but there is a sizable number of Ascalonian ghosts, with some veteran mobs as well.

Unlike the other challenges on this map, you will definitely want to bring a group along to complete this one. You will be fighting your way into a small chamber, and need to defeat all the mobs along the way to be able to commune with the place of power.

Only pull a few mobs at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed, and take out any Monks first since they’ll try to keep their allies alive and can make the fights a lot more difficult.

After clearing out the ghosts go up a small staircase and kill one last veteran mob. Then commune with the place of power and immediately head back outside before the mobs’ respawn.