Guild Wars 2 Introductory Video Is Another Invitation

Arenanet has recently released a new video that introduces the world of Guild Wars 2 to onlookers who have been on the sidelines, waiting to see if they should jump in. I’m happy to say that this video is a massive improvement over the “disasterpiece” that was their last trailer. Forgoing insane metaphors and a really creepy narrator, this new video sports a comforting, almost grandfather like voice that guides you through the world that is Guild Wars 2.

As someone who’s been watching just about every video they’ve released for Guild Wars 2, since its announcement, I was a bit disappointed to see so many reused pieces of footage. Although, I suppose, I’m not exactly the target audience for this video. Those who are, most likely haven’t seen the reused footage before. At any rate, I highly encourage everyone to watch it, irregardless of if you own the game or not. It will, at the very least, take the bad taste out of your mouth, from their last trailer.