Guild Wars 2 Caudecus’s Manor Dungeon Guide

The Caudecus’s Manor is located at the North-Eastern corner of Queensdale, it’s a level 40 dungeon (Level 45 for the explorable mode) but easier and shorter than Ascalonian Catacombs.

Prototype Golem (Boss)
Prototype Golem is the first and probably the most difficult boss of the dungeon. It is equipped with the following Mechanics:

  • Rocket Attack: Hide behind covers and use the projectile reflection to avoid these.
  • Spinning Flame Attack: Dangerous for melee players only, ranged attacks help here.
  • Pull: The boss often pulls you first and then do a Spinning Flame attack.

As mentioned above, the rocket attacks are probably the most dangerous. You can avoid them by using the reflecting abilities as they have no indicating circles, but you can see them before they hit you.

The projectiles don’t work all the time, but you should try dodging/hiding behind a cover and the projectiles all together. Keep a safe distance as he might pull you and then perform a Spinning Flame Attack which is pretty easy to dodge.

Ambushers and Guards
You face a champion level Door Guard after defeating the above. He has lots of HP and is a melee character, but you can easily take him down by normal kiting.

Cross the door and fight the trash mobs (Sergeant’s fighters and Separatist fighters) the fighters are easy to fight as they are just a normal mob, but sergeants are veterans and deal more damage, try to make sure that you don’t let them disperse and attack when they are all together.

Wake Sigfast (Boss)
Before you face the boss, you will have to fight his three guards. Two of them (Separatist Lieutenant and Separatist Sergeant) are ranged enemies so you should take down the fighter first and then focus onto the pair. Projectile reflection is handy here as well.

Free Mia Kindleshot
Mia Kindleshot is captured next to a tree which is heavily guarded (Separatist Snipers, Hunting Dogs, Separatist Lt). You should engage the group of hunting dogs, and the Separatist Lieutenant first and then move toward the tree where you will have to fight off two snipers, a separatist lieutenant and a couple of more fighters. They are all easy to fight, make use of the projectiles to avoid being sniped.

Separatist Captain Delana
Two Fighters and a sergeant will accompany Delena, who puts blindness onto the players – victim misses the next attack. Sergeant and Delena are ranged mobs; you are suggested to take the sergeant down and then the fighters. The boss fight is pretty easy, just survive.

Explorable Mode (for level 45 players)
The Explorable mode has three routes and you should be able to grab around 25 tokens.

Save the Butler
You will immediately face a boss when you get onto the third route. You should defeat the companions first and then focus on to the boss.

Reflection is very useful here because the mobs are stupid enough to damage themselves by it. The boss uses his shotgun to attack the players; a hit will knock you back. Use one player to kite him around the area (in circles) so he will stall himself!

After you have defeated the first boss, a basement should open up – there are four turrets set up inside so you should try to pull out a couple of bandits and engage them where the turrets can’t engage you. When you are done with the bandits, get inside and destroy the turrets so you can move to the hallway on the left side of the entrance.

There are two rooms here, and two ranged bandits at the end of the hallway; you must quickly run and enter the second room on your left or the ranged bandits will kill you. This room has two avoidable turrets, follow the path, and you will get closer to the ranged bandits. Move forward to the movable cabinet and activate the button.