First Screenshots Of Slender: The Arrival Are Here

Slender: The Eight Pages was the first title developed by Parsec Productions which caused a lot of gamers to keep the lights on while they slept at night. Carrying nothing but a flashlight, your goal is to roam around in darkness searching for eight pages about the Slender Man. As you search for the notes, the Slender Man will randomly appear before you making you jump out of your seat. While he has no attacks, continuously looking at him will drain your sanity meter. Once the meter reaches zero, you’re dead.

The game was a free indie horror title and quickly escalated in fame. Now the same developers have announced Slender: The Arrival which will be featuring improved visuals, a better storyline, more levels and even more content.

The game is scheduled for released on the PC by the end of the year and for now it’s website has released a couple of screenshots.