StarCraft 2: Blizzard Thinking Of Free-To-Play For Multiplayer

Dustin Browder, the leader designer of Starcraft 2 has said that Blizzard might bring a free-to-play model to Starcraft 2’s multiplayer.

The change is just a thought and nothing permanent. The main problem here would be the monetizing factor, as to how Blizzard can still earn from the game if they go for a free-to-play model.

During a panel discussion at Valencia eSports Congress, Browder said:

We don’t know how we would monetize it. While it might be good fun for me to play against someone with only half the units available to them, that’s not going to be an enjoyable experience for them.

The release of the next two installments still remain for Starcraft 2. A free-to-play model would best come after both ‘Heart of the Swarm’ and ‘Legacy of the Void’ get released.