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Halo 4 New Game Mode Dominion Tries To Maintain Combat Flow

halo 4
Exciting gameplay footage of the new multiplayer mode, Dominion. In this new mode, you’ll be trying to capture bases. When you initiate the countdown, till base capture, the doors shut, so that you can’t get out, until the base becomes yours. If you hold a base long enough, without it getting captured, it’ll start to spawn automated turrets, among other things.

If one team starts doing a lot better than the other team, then the team that’s starting to lose, gets overshields. This is implemented, in order to keep the ebb and flow of combat, more even. However, if you lose all the bases, then the game goes into sudden death; meaning if you die, then it’s permanent.

Maps for Dominion will vary from compact death traps, to massive battlefields featuring full on vehicle combat.

Halo 4 arrives November 4th exclusively to Xbox 360