Guild Wars 2: WvW Server Stats Show A Lot Of Queue Spikes

ArenaNet just released some charts that detail each server’s World vs. World login queues at various times. The charts consist of a lot of spikes, showing that everybody seems to go onto World vs. World at the same time. The charts show data for both the North American, and the European servers, but Mike Ferguson also posted some additional data.

We thought these charts would be useful information for people to see, as it helps illustrate why some worlds have much longer waits than others. Hopefully it will also help some people decide to leave some of those higher population worlds for one of the worlds with smaller (or no) queues, which would reduce the queue pressure on the overloaded world and help provide more manpower for the smaller world.

Some other information we gathered from this timespan:

  • Almost 30% of the total players who logged into the game queued up for WvW
  • About 3% of the total players who logged in and queued never got in.

Here are the links to the forum posts:
NA Data
EU Data