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Google Authenticator Being Integrated With Guild Wars 2 For Account Security

As with any good MMO the issue of account security is present. The population and popularity of Guild Wars 2 increases with each day and with that the concern of players regarding their accounts.

Even now there are many phishing and scam attempts in the game to get hold of users accounts. President of ArenaNet Mike O’Brien reached out today on their community forums informing everyone that they plan to integrate Google Authenticator with their game.

The authentication system will be rolled in after two weeks and in the mean time Brien asked users to keep their accounts safe with strong passwords.

Many users opt for simple password which can easily be broken into my hackers. Google Authenticator will act as your final line of defense against any illegal attempts.

O’Brien wrote:

This system has substantially eliminated hackers’ ability to steal new accounts, as all new accounts now cannot possibly match what the hackers have been scanning for. The rate of account hacking was about 1.5 percent for accounts created before this blacklist was in place, and is about 0.1 percent for accounts created after.