Dota 2 Leshrac Guide – Builds, Abilities, Items and Strategy

Leshrac, the Tormented Soul is a hero that is strong throughout all stages of the game. He is a ranged hero that can deal massive amounts of aoe damage to the enemies and he is a very effective pusher from early game and until the end due to his Diabolic Edict. At late game he can deal endless amounts of magical damage around himself provided that he has enough mana to fuel his Pulse Nova.

Pros and Cons

  • + Huge amount of aoe damage
  • + Strong aoe 2 second stun
  • + Can push towers effectively in all stages of the game
  • + Very versatile
  • – Fragile
  • – Spells have high manacost
  • – Stun has a casting delay

Dota 2 – Leshrac Abilities

Split Earth
Splits the earth under enemies. Deals damage and stuns for a short duration.

  • Damage: 120/180/240/300
  • Radius: 150/175/200/225
  • Stun Duration: 2
  • Cooldown: 9
  • Manacost: 100/125/140/160

Your stun spell. Remember that it has a casting delay. the manacost increases significantly per level but the radius gets bigger, so you have a bigger chance of hitting it.

Diabolic Edict
Saturates the area around Leshrac with magical explosions that deal composite damage to enemy units and structures. The less units available to attack, the more damage those units will take. Lasts 8 seconds.

  • Number Of Explosions: 32
  • Explosion Damage: 12.5/25/37.5/50
  • Total Damage: 400/800/1200/1600
  • Cooldown: 22
  • Manacost: 95/120/135/155

This spell is the hero’s main skill and the reason why so many teams often first pick him. And that’s no typo, Leshrac can deal 1600 to a single hero if he hits every explosion on him when the spell is maxed. It also deals damage to towers.

Lightning Storm
Summons a lightning storm that blasts the target enemy unit, then jumps to nearby enemy units.

  • Number Of Jumps: 4/6/7/8
  • Damage: 80/145/205/265
  • Cooldown: 5.5
  • Manacost: 100/115/130/145

Leshrac’s basic nuke. It has a very low cooldown so it’s very spammable.

Pulse Nova
Creates waves of damaging energy around Leshrac, one per second, to damage nearby enemy units.

  • Damage: 66/100/144 (88/133/177*)
  • Manacost per Second: 20/40/60
  • Activation Manacost: 110

*Aghanim Scepter values.

This is Leshrac’s ultimate. It deals massive amount of damage to everyone in the area surrounding the hero. The Scepter upgrade is decent at the early levels, but the increase isn’t too noticeable in the late game, and in the early game your mana will mostly go to using your other spells so I don’t really recommend it.

Dota 2 – Leshrac Skill Build

Leshrac is a very versatile hero, and his skill builds reflect this fact. Here are the recommended skill builds and have little variations in between. Split Earth is generally the skill you take at level one to get first bloods or to stun enemies to escape (Edict can be better in some situations though).

Pulse Nova can be obtained whenever you feel like you need it and you have the mana for it, but since his other spells are so good in the early game, players often skip skilling it at level 6 and only skill it later.

Max Lightning Solo mid build

  1. Split Earth
  2. Lightning Storm
  3. Lightning Storm
  4. Diabolic Edict
  5. Lightning Storm
  6. Diabolic Edict
  7. Lightning Storm
  8. Diabolic Edict
  9. Diabolic Edict
  10. Pulse Nova
  11. Pulse Nova
  12. Split Earth
  13. Split Earth
  14. Split Earth
  15. Stats
  16. Pulse Nova

This is a very strong rune control build since it will allow you to quickly kill the creep waves and push the tower OR get the rune. With this build you can harass the enemy hero really well since the Lightning doesn’t require you to be in close range to deal damage unlike his other spells.

Normal Max Edict Support build

  1. Split Earth
  2. Diabolic Edict
  3. Diabolic Edict
  4. Split Earth
  5. Diabolic Edict
  6. Split Earth
  7. Diabolic Edict
  8. Split Earth
  9. Pulse Nova
  10. Stats
  11. Pulse Nova
  12. Stats
  13. Stats
  14. Stats
  15. Stats
  16. Pulse Nova

This is the build that most Leshracs go for. With this build you normally don’t even take Lightning because the stats are so good to boost your survivability and give you mana for always having that extra cast of Edict.

Lightning isn’t that useful in the late game so, with this build you increase the amount of casts of Edict and Stun, even if you don’t have any farm. Split Earth can be almost as good as Lightning in terms of harassment so you don’t lose much in this department if you can hit the stuns.

Leshrac Recommended Items

Starting: Circlet, Branch, Branch, Branch  Tango and Salve

These starting items will give you some nice stats to get some last hits as well as giving extra hp.

Core: Boots, Bracer, Magic Wand, TP Scroll (Bottle)

Boots for the always important movement speed boost, Bracer for the very effective cost/hp boost, Magic Wand will give some hp and mana and you should always carry a TP Scroll. Bottle if you are on the mid lane and need that extra boost to harass the enemy while controling the runes.

Boots Choice: 
With Leshrac you will want to get Arcane or Phase Boots. The first will allow you to get a big mana boost to fuel your spells and can also be disassembled to upgrade into Bloodstone (more on this later). The later will allow you to chase enemies and kill them with Edict due to increased movement speed.

Bloodstone Core: Start with Arcane Boots > Point Booster > Vitality Booster > Ring of Health > Void Stone last

Leshrac is one of the best heroes in the game to use Bloodstone’s huge mana regeneration, so getting it as the first big item is a very common way to play him. The suggested order for the items is the one that grants you the most effective bonuses for the gold you spend. The arcanes for the mana for youself and your team, and the boosters first for extra survivability and mana.

Strong Extensions:  Drum of Endurance, Scythe of Vyse (Eul’s Scepter), Black King Bar, Ghost Scepter, Blink Dagger/Force Staff

Drum is a very good upgrade to your bracer, the extra stats and movement speed are very well worth the price.

Scythe is one of the best items that Leshrac can get since it allows you to hit your Split Earth on the enemy, as well as fixing your mana problems. Eul is kind of a cheaper alternative to hit you Split Earth but you cannot damage the enemy while he is flying in the air.

Black King Bar when the enemies have tons of disables and it will take some enemy attention away from you in the fights. Ghost Scepter has the same effect but for physical DPS heroes such as AntiMage and Ursa (although don’t pop it against AM when you are low on mana, otherwise you will most certainly go splat due to the increased magic damage you take).

Initiation items will help you be right in the middle of the fight dealing damage with Pulse and will improve your ability to chase fleeing heroes.

Luxuries: Boots of Travel, Pipe of Insight/Eye of Skadi/Heart of Terrasque, Veil of Discord, Ethereal Blade, Necronomicon, Shiva’s Guard, Assault Cuirass

Later in the game, Boots of Travel are a great choice, especially if you still have the normal boots due to disassembling them into Bloodstone. With a big amount of charges and if you die, you can instantly Teleport into the enemy base to push them or quickly rejoin a fight.

Pipe, Skadi and Terrasque give you a big survivability boost, and you will probably need it since Leshrac is the almost always the first target in fights. Pipe is a great option against huge nuke damage and its very useful active Barrier, will mitigate a lot of magical damage to you and your allies.

Skadi gives you around 700 hp, as well as a big amount of mana and a very useful slow, to help you keep enemies within Pulse Nova range. Heart is the best hp item, it will boost your hp by almost 1000.

Both Veil and EBlade (which is also a good upgrade to your Ghost Scepter) boost your spell damage by a lot, Necronomicon mas you push real fast and allows you to see invisible heroes, Shiva will make you more resistant against right clicks while giving you an area slow.

Assault Cuirass also boosts your survivability against right clicks, and it will help you push even further because since Edict deals some physical damage to towers, it benefits from the -armor aura that Cuirass provides.

Leshrac Strategy Tips

As Leshrac, you can go solo, dual or even tri lane. He can go everywhere, except solo the hard lane (Radiant top and Dire bot).  A common way to go is the mid lane, since you can grab the runes and bottle them, but sidelanes with Leshrac can be very aggressive and can lead to some easy tower pushes.

On the mid lane, Bottle is a really great item because you can Lightning the enemy creep wave that comes after X:30 and then grab the rune while your opponent is dealing with your full creep wave. If the opposing mid hero leaves his lane to go gank, you can take advantage of this and quickly push his tower with Diabolic Edict.

Even with just casting Split and Edict, Leshrac is a very powerful hero. He can be played as a support, buying wards  and letting other heroes get farm while sacrificing his survivability. Just don’t be in the middle of the fights in case you are supporting because you will just die very easily.

Some times the creep wave is fighting near the tower you want to bring down, when this happens you need to position yourself so that Edict will only damage the tower, and not split the damage with the creep wave.  Remember that the tier 1 towers don’t have backdoor regeneration, so you can sometimes skip the creep wave and use Edict to quickly destroy the enemy tower.

Hitting Split Earth can be tricky at times because of his casting delay. When you know that the target is already out of range, you can press S to stop casting it and keep the stun and mana to try hitting it again. Sometimes you are better off just using it as a followup stun, this is especially true if you have long range stunners like Sand King on your team, or heroes that can keep enemies immobile for a long period of time (like Naga Siren).

Taking down towers should be your first priority, but sometimes you will need to kill the heroes first. You should gank in the early game whenever possible to keep enemy carries from getting items and to keep low supports easy to kill later on the game.

By the time you are level 7 or 8, you are able to kill enemies just with Edict damage as long as they don’t have a means of escape. Note though that one of Leshrac’s worst enemy is Blademail, once you turn on your Edict there is no way to stop it, so every point of damage you will do to the enemy will be thrown right back at you, resulting in an easy Leshrac death.

Games can be decided by what items Leshrac gets, so you will need to try out different builds according to different situations.