Company of Heroes 2: Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

Relic Games have released details for the pre-order bonuses for the upcoming military RTS title, Company of Heroes 2.

Pre-ordering the game from Steam will give you access to the ‘Tiered Reward program’ where you can unlock a hat and badge for Team Fortress 2 and a copy of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Retribution.

If you pre-order a bunch of copies for your whole group, then everyone receives the Commissar Chest, which includes free in-game currency to use towards future content, an XP boost, a unit boost and the Commander Archetype. Pre-ordering the game from Origin will give you access to an exclusive Soviet Bryansk Front vehicle skin.

Pre-ordering the game from ShopTHQ will give you access to bonus multiplayer maps and exclusive members-only events. This program is called the ‘Command Pass’ and will be for sale separately after the game has launched.

THQ has revealed the pre-order bonuses for Company of Heroes 2. Anyone who pre-orders will receive vehicle skins for the German Rotbraun and Soviet Leningrad, with some retailers also offering guaranteed access to Company of Heroes 2’s closed beta phase.

THQ also announced a Digital Collector’s Edition of the game that will go for sale at $99.99. The Collector’s Edition will grant you access to the first three single-player content packs before release.

In addition, you’ll also be getting exclusive heavy German Whitewash and Soviet Winter Cobblestone tank skins and a Veteran badge for your in-game profile. Finally, the pack will also contain the original Company of Heroes with all of its expansion packs.