New Halo 4 Trailer Showcases Covenant Weapons

343 Industries has just released a new trailer for Halo 4, this one focusing on the Covenant weapons featured in the game. Take a look:

Here’s a list of the weapons that appear:

Storm Rifle
Unleashes a “storm” of projectiles upon firing – rapid and deadly at close to medium range.

Covenant Carbine
A mid to long range semi-automatic rifle.

Fuel Rod Gun
A powerful weapon that launches explosive projectiles.

A rapid firing gun that shoots needles that explode after penetrating the target.

Plasma Pistol
The classic covenant plasma pistol, can be charged to fire a powerful blast.

Energy Sword
A devastating melee weapon that can assassinate from behind.

Concussion Rifle
Fires explosive bolts of superheated plasma, not as explosive at the fuel rod gun.

Beam Rifle
The covenant sniper rifle, a very powerful long range weapon.

Gravity Hammer
The ultimate melee weapon, very powerful.

All the weapons have been updated visually, same as the rest of the game.