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FIFA 13 Ultimate Team: Browser Exploit Gives Access To Restricted Players

A browser exploit was found by players of Fifa 13 Ultimate Team which gave them access to restricted packs of player cards.

Those who managed to get hold of the player cards proceeded to sell them off at a high price. The list of buyers wasn’t any small either; pretty soon many had stars in their teams like Messi and Ronaldo.

When notified about the exploit, EA Sports quickly took down the web app. What’s ironic is that last year the same exploit appeared for Fifa 12 Ultimate Team as well.

Angry users took to EA’s forums asking for a worldwide server rollback to bring balance to the game’s economy.

EA’s response so far to the issue has been the following tweet:

Our team is still working on providing a stable experience for the #FUT13 Web App. Thanks for your patience. More details when we have them.