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Borderlands 2 Side Missions Walkthrough Guide – Did It All For XP, Money and Gear

The world of Pandora in Borderlands 2 is filled with a large collection of characters that you can interact with, and it seems like almost each one of them needs a helping and in something.

For a first-person shooter, Borderlands 2 offers a large set of side missions for players to take on. Some of these side-missions are easily available, while others are cleverly hidden and accessible to only those who are willing to search.

For more help on Borderlands 2, read our Character Builds, Vault Symbol Locations and Challenges Guide. Here’s a set of side missions for various locations that you can take up:

Borderlands 2 Side Missions Walkthrough – Southern Shelf

This Town Ain’t Big Enough

  • Experience: 160 XP
  • Money: $63
  • Gear: Grim Rifle

Once you have cleared out Liar’s Berg of the Bullymongs, meet with Sir Hammerlock and you should get this mission.

You’ll have to visit two more places in the Liar’s Berg, and kill additional Bullymongs. There is one to the west, a graveyard sort of a place, and another to the east, near a pond. Return to Hammock for your rewards.

Handsome Jack Here!

  • Experience: 80 XP
  • Money: $63
  • Gear: Angry TMP/Value Handgun

Take the path from the Liar’s Berg gate to the harbor. Right in front of the first construction there should be an ECHO device containing an audio log. You can go to Hammerlock now, and he will inform that he will give you rewards if you find the rest.

The second audio log can be found behind the house with Zed’s Meds Machine, south of Liar’s Berg. Break the lock to get it.

The third audio log is located on the roof of Hammerlock’s house. Use the ladder behind the house to get to the roof. Jump over to the upper portion and break the pile of ice to find it.

The fourth and final one can be found at the house near the gate that Claptrap opened in the Cleaning up the Berg mission. To the right of the house’s door is a green panel. Open it up to reveal the final audio log.

Bad Hair Day

  • Experience: 362 XP
  • Money: $15
  • Gear: Hyiu Chinook/Shotgun

If you’ve completed the first set of side-missions, then talk to Hammerlock again and he will give you this mission. You must collect some Bullymong hair for him.

To the south, you will need to shoot the power box to deactivate the electric fence. To get the fur, you must reduce the health of the Adult Bullymongs and then finish them off with a melee attack.

Once you have all 4, you will be contacted by Claptrap who will offer you a Shotgun for it, instead of Hammerlock’s reward of a Sniper Rifle. See what fits your needs and decide accordingly.

Shield Favors

  • Experience: 160 XP
  • Money: $31
  • Gear: Skin Customization

Talk to Hammerlock and he will suggest that you will need a better shield if you want to leave Southern Shelf alive.

Follow the waypoint on the map to get to a building in the harbor. Climb up the stairs and activate the elevator. You will need to find a fuse to operate it. Go to the most southern part of Southern Shelf, a place where there is an electric fence.

If you have done the Bad Hair Day quest already, this region should be open to you. Grab the fuse from there and return to the elevator. Go up and by a shield from the vending machine located there. Head back to Hammerlock to complete the quest.


  • Experience: 362 XP
  • Money: $39
  • Gear: Head Customization

Go south to the area where you were collecting Bullymong hair in Bad Hair Day. Enter the cave there, which will take you to Shelf Bay South. Go south, and then east.

You will encounter some enemies here; take care of them and then jump on the ferry to enter the Blackheart Cove area.

You’ll have to face a large number of weirdo enemies here. Once you have finished off a decent amount of them, Midge-Mong will show up with a Bullymond. Take both out, then head back to Hammerlock.

Borderlands 2 Side Missions Walkthrough – Sanctuary

The Name Game

  • Experience: 791 XP
  • Money: $111
  • Gear: Handy Coach Gun/Junked up Explosive Shield

Go to the Moxxi’s and talk to Hammerlock. Once again it’s time to fulfill his Bullymong killing requests.

Exit Sanctuary and drive to the green circle in the center of the map. While you are there, kill around 15 Bullymongs and smash 5 different piles of rubble. Once that is done, some silly name-calling will initiate, with you requiring killing a few with grenades.

After that, Feravores will contact you and ask you to shoot projectiles. Do so, and then you will be required to kill 5 more enemies there. Once everything is done, head back to Sanctuary to complete the quest.

Assassinate the Assassins

  • Experience: 791 XP
  • Money: $165
  • Gear: Elegant Aegis/Fervid SubMalevolent Grace

Go to the bounty board in Sanctuary to find a mission from Roland. You need to take out a few Hyperion spies, which Roland suggests are dressed as bandits.

Travel to the Three-Horned Valley and enter the building at The Forestsprings. You should reach Southpaw Steam and Power building. Continue through the building and you will come across some Psychos and Nomads. Behind them the first Assassin, called Wot. Kill him with a pistol if you want some bonus.

Once you have done so, you will need to find two assassins. Assassin Oney needs to be killed with a Sniper Rifle for bonus, and Assassin Reeth needs to die with a melee attack. The last one is Assassin Rouf, which needs to die from a Shotgun.

Rock, Paper, Genocide: Fire Weapons/Shock Weapons/Corrosive Weapons/Slag Weapons!

  • Experience: 395 XP/395 XP/395 XP/316 XP
  • Money: None/$22/None/$99
  • Gear: None

Talk to Marcus in the Sanctuary Store; he will tell you to meet him in the firing range. Go down the hallway to the right of the store to find a Marauder. Kill him with a weapon and talk to Marcus, who will ask you to repeat this a few times with different weapons.

Claptrap’s Secret Stash

  • Experience: 115 XP
  • Money: $139
  • Gear: Stash for Storage

After talking to Claptrap, turn around and open the door behind you to find a stash. This stash can now act as storage for weapons that you do not wish to keep in your inventory.

Do No Harm

  • Experience: 578 XP
  • Money: $139
  • Gear: None

Talk to Zed in the medical building and he will ask you to help out in an operation.

Agree to it, and punch the body on the operating table. A piece of iridium shard will come out of it. Take this to Tannis in the Command Center HQ. Talk to her to complete the quest.

Medical Mystery

  • Experience: 791XP
  • Money: $55
  • Gear: None

Talk to Zed, and then go to the Three Horns Valley.

Go to the east of Happy Pig Motel to find Shock Fossil Cavern. Enter it and finish off the bandits. Doc Mercy will come out. Kill him (he’s quite tough though) and get the weapon he was using.

Medical Mystery: X-Com-municate

  • Experience: 791 XP
  • Money: None
  • Gear: Rapider Spiker

Once all that is done, talk to Zed, and he will want you to test out the weapon. You’ll need to kill 25 bandits, which isn’t too difficult with this powerful tool.

Might Morphin’

  • Experience: 1820 XP
  • Money: $196
  • Gear: Filler Bandity Smig

Talk to Hammerlock in the Moxxi’s bar and you will get an injector. Go to the Three Horns Divide, and then north to the Tundra Express.

When you enter, look at the Varkids in front of you. They will eventually land and turn into Adult Varkids. They will start attacking you, but wait till they plant their heads in the ground and start to grow out bulbous sacks.

Take a sample from them by walking up to them in that state, and the kill them. You will then need the sample of the body. Repeat this four more times. This mission is relatively tough, so it might be difficult if you are low level or unprepared.

Splinter Group

  • Experience: 1820 XP
  • Money: None
  • Gear: Duble Bareld Roksalt

Talk to Tannis in the Command HQ, and she will inform you of some mutated creatures that have escaped and gone to the Bloodshot Stronghold. You’ll need to take some pizza in the sewers to lure these four creatures.

Now, doesn’t four mutated creatures living in the sewers with a thing for pizza sound familiar? Anyways, take the pizza of Moxxi’s and then head to the Bloodshot Stronghold.

Follow the waypoint, and then jump into the waters below. After moving forward and reaching the checkpoint, climb the ladder and continue forward to reach another ladder. You will find the buzzer that you need to use in the lower corridor.

Reach it, and then drop into the sewer opening to deliver the pizza. The 4 mutants are named Mick, Ralph, Dan, and Lee. I see what you did there Gearbox…

Cult Following: Eternal Flame

  • Experience: 791 XP
  • Money: $791
  • Gear: Explosive Spike Shield/ Deferred Projectile Convergence

Talk to Lilith in the Command HQ; she wants you to check out the cult that worshipped her.

Go to Frostburn Canyon and head to the Incinerator Camp. When you go there, talk to Incinerator Clayton, and he will ask you to burn 5 bandits and collect their ashes. Find five bandits and burn them with a fire weapon. When they are down, pick up the left behind ashes. Return to Clayton to complete the mission.

Cult Following: False Idols

  • Experience: 1757 XP
  • Money: $69
  • Gear: None

Talk to Incinerator Clayton again, and he will tell you of a group that is worshipping another god named Scorch.

Go all the way to the south of Frostburn Canyon and you will come across Scorch. Take down this fiery spider and then return to Clayton.

Cult Following: Lighting the Match

  • Experience: 1157 XP
  • Money: $69
  • Gear: Dandy Jericho

Once you have finished talking to Clayton after the False Idols mission, open the outhouse next to him and grab Matchstick there. You need to take him to the Soaring Dragon.

Fast travel to Southern Shelf and head west and then north from the Liar’s Berg. Go to the eastern part of the harbor, and then head to the top of the ship by following the ramps.

When you reach the top, you need to place Matchstick in the dragon’s mouth. Once he is hanging, pull the lever to set him ablaze and then make your way back to Clayton to inform him.

Cult Following: The Enkindling

  • Experience: 1736 XP
  • Money: None
  • Gear: Flame of the Firehawk Shield

You will need a fire gun to set three effigies ablaze to start the mission.

Once you have done so, you need to get to The Enkindling. Go through the Blisterpus Camp, located east of the Incinerator Camp. Head to the Blacktoe Cavern from there and ultimately you will reach Ashmouth Camp.

Go to the large fire in the center, and talk to Incinerator Clayton there. He will ask you to pull a lever. Do so. Lilith will arrive, and you will need to return to Sanctuary after killing everyone there. Talk to Lilith to claim your prize.

In Memoriam

  • Experience: 1363 XP
  • Money: $156
  • Gear: Head Customization

You have to go to the Three Horn Divide and drive to the objective marker to get to Boll.

Kill him and the other enemies that appear, and take the ECHO recorder. You will need to grab three more. Drive south to the first waypoint, clear out enemies, and then shoot the anchor. Once it drops down, grab the recorder off it. Go north and to the swampy area there.

There is a steam valve that you can turn. Once you do, stuff will come out of it and fall to the ground. Grab the ECHO recorder.

Head to the last waypoint and you will see a set of pipes with the recorder on top. Go to the east side broken ladder and climb up to the catwalk area to where the chest is. Grab the recorder and return to Lilith.

Safe and Sound

  • Experience: 3208 XP
  • Money: $346
  • Gear: Miss Moxxi’s heart breaker

Talk to Marcus in his store. He will tell you that his safe was left behind the hole where Sanctuary was.

Go there and head to the Caustic Caverns. Go to the east of the area to find a large creature called Blue. You need to shoot the crystals on its legs to take it down. Once you do, the safe will be on its left area. Open it up to see some racy photos of Moxxi.

She’ll contact you at this time, and will request you to give her the pictures instead (she doesn’t mind if you take a look at them though). Choose who you want to return the pictures to for after heading back to Sanctuary.

Won’t Get Fooled Again

  • Experience: 1305 XP
  • Money: $165
  • Gear: Fine Law

Find Marshal Friedman in the streets of Sanctuary. He should be around four hand-cuffed men. This is an interesting ‘crime-scene investigation’ side-mission, and tests what you’ve learnt from watching Dexter and all.

Justin McReady is dead on the ground, and it’s up to you to decide which one of the four quadruplets – Barlo, Ennis, Hark, Shin – it was who shot him.

Question Moxxi, Friedman, and Zed to get some information, and head back to the crime scene to accuse the killer. The killer is actually Barlo, because looking at Justin’s hands suggests that a sniper rifle was used. Accuse him and talk to Friedman to finish the quest.

The Good, the Bad, and the Mordecai

  • Experience: 967 XP
  • Money: None
  • Gear: Moxxi’s Endowment

Go to the bounty board in Sanctuary and accept the job.

Then, head to The Dust and to the waypoint at the Goose’s Roost to the west. Go through it till you find a dead body under a sheet of metal.

Get the metal off his body and listen to the ECHO recorder beside him. Now, make your way to Friendship Gulag to the northwest and enter it to try and find Carson. Go to where his cell his, and open the bars to enter. Grab the recorder off the ground and listen to it.

Exit the Gulag and make your way to the northern part of The Dust at the top of Boot Hill. You will have to go through Bug Gulch to get there.

On top of the hill is a church and graveyard. Look for the grave in front of the church, and search there to reveal the chest. Two enemies will emerge there – take them out and collect the stuff from the chest.

The Cold Shoulder

  • Experience: 2333 XP
  • Money: $492
  • Gear: Custom Skin

Talk to Scooter in his garage and he will ask you to rescue his mind-washed girlfriend, and to get some porn magazines along the way.

The latter part is optional here, but it’s easy to find them in the first area. You need to go to The Fridge to find her.

Two magazines are inside cars and one is on top of a table that also has a radio. You need to search for some flowers, which can be found in the Icemaw Grotto to the east. Drop down where the pieces of wood are to find the flowers.

For the food, the four pieces of pizza are located in a destroyed truck, and the 5th is on top of some debris to the south of the truck.

Now you need to go find Laney near the entrance. Follow the waypoint, and once she is done talking, kill the attackers. Return to Scooter to collect your reward.


  • Experience: 3859 XP
  • Money: None
  • Gear: Target Octo

Talk to Hammerlock in Moxxi’s and he’ll ask you to take out the Thresher that took his arm. You will need to go to the Highlands-Outwash with his robot arm. Once you reach there, go to the Hyperion Extraction and jump into the water. Hang the arm on the pillar and Old Slappy will appear.

Go back up quickly and then starting shooting away at him. Once he is down, grab the loot and Hammerlock’s arm, and head back to Sanctuary.

Hidden Journals

  • Experience: 2611 XP
  • Money: 4 Eridium
  • Gear: None

Talk to Tannis in the Commander HQ to find out you have to go hunting for some more ECHO recorders. Oh, the joy… For the first recorder, head to the Highlands-Hyperion bridge and head east to the Frothing Creek Mill. There will be a wagon beside the mill.

Go to it, and shoot the sacks that are holding the ramp. Once done, access the wagon and get the first ECHO recorder.

Now, go to the Highlands-Overlook region and head east over the Blake Bridge to Old Cranky’s Pond. Go to the water area and there will be a small boat with the recorder in it.

For the third recorder, follow the waypoint and go to the far end and make your way up the stairs to the right. Go across the bridge with the constructor, and make your way to the left side. Drop down to the room with the electricity covering the doorway. Shoot the fuse box, and enter to get the recorder.

The final recorder is located under Blake Bridge. Go down the stairs located on the side of the bridge. You will come to a room with broken girders. Cross the girders and grab the recorder. Return to Tannis to get the reward.

Torture Chairs

  • Experience: 2858 XP
  • Money: $765
  • Gear: None

After completing Hidden Journals, Tannis will want you to collect more recorders in Sanctuary.

One can be found in a dumpster left of Marcus’s shop. Another is behind Claptrap; one is in Zed’s OR, another in a pile of rubbish next to the side entrance to Moxxi’s, and the final one is across from the entrance to Scooter’s Garage. Once you have all five, return to Tannis to turn in the quest.

Borderlands 2 Side Missions Walkthrough – Three Horns Valley

No Vacancy

  • Experience: 791 XP
  • Money: $111
  • Gear: Skin Customization

Go to the Happy Pig Motel in the Three Horns Valley and you will an ECHO recorder on the wall. When you listen to it, Scooter will tell you that the Motel can get up and running if you turn some steam valve to the right side on.

Try it, and after a failed attempt, find and grab the steam valve from atop the pump, hoping to the side of the pump and shooting the ladder to reach it. Next, drive to the east of the motel and you should come across a tower, and also a Badass Bullymong.

Kill it and grab the gearbox loot it leaves behind. Then, you will need to get a capacitor from a couple of Skags that come. It might take a few kills to get one to drop it.

Go back to the Hotel and replace all three damaged parts there. The first one goes in the base, second up from the ladder to place the gearbox, and third up another ladder to replace the steam valve. Once all three are done, turn the valve on the ground you tried before. Return to the Happy Pig Motel Bounty Board to complete the mission.

Neither Rain nor Sleet nor Skags

  • Experience: 791 XP
  • Money: $55
  • Gear: Filler Rifle/Lobbed Grenade

On the Happy Pig Motel bounty board, you will receive a mission to deliver 5 mail packages in a minute and thirty seconds. It’s a very simple task, but requires some clever speed and timing, which we really can’t teach in a guide.

The Ice Man Cometh

  • Experience: 2333 XP
  • Money: $246
  • Gear: Throwin Jumpin Bitty/ Winged Acid Nova Shield

After the story mission A Train to Catch, go to the bounty board to find this mission.

Grab the dynamite on the right, and head to Three Horns. Now, drive to the southern area of the Three Horns, to the Drive Dove. Plant the different sets of dynamites on the furnaces.

After that, use the detonator in the center building. Now, it’s time to kill a few bandits – do so and then return to the bounty board to get your prize.

Borderlands 2 Side Missions Walkthrough – The Dust

Too Close for Missiles

  • Experience: 792 XP
  • Money: $350
  • Gear: Fire Fire Machine Gun/Greesy Acurate SMGG

During the story mission where you must rescue Roland, after getting to Ellie’s Garage, talk to Loggins and he ask you to grab some cans of fuel and steal a few volleyballs from a game at the Buzzard Camp.

Launch the stone ramp to enter the camp, and follow the simple waypoint markers for each of the objects. Once you have gathered everything, you will need to set the volleyball net on fire, and then kill the men that appear. Return to Loggins and claim your rewards.

Positive Self Image

  • Experience: 1584 XP
  • Money: None
  • Gear: Eridian Relic

Talk to Ellie in her garage, and she will ask you to recover some ornaments made in her image.

To do so, you will need to destroy 6 bandit vehicles and grab them from the resulting wreck. Once all 6 have been gathered, return and place them in the specified regions around the garage. Take to Ellie to get your reward.

Borderlands 2 Side Missions Walkthrough – Tundra Express

You Are Cordially Invited: Party Prep

  • Experience: 1820 XP
  • Money: $235
  • Gear: None

Talk to Tiny Tina in her workshop, and she will have a request for you to get some specific guests to her tea party.

The first person you have to find is Sir Reginald Von Bartlesby, who can be found on top of Skittering Mound. You can find Reginald’s mother over there – take her down and rescue Reginald. The crumpets are easily findable on the table on the second floor of Buzzard Academy.

The Buzzards can be taken out on top of the academy, as there are plenty of them. Princess Fluffybutt (I like that name) can be found outside a small cabin just north of the entrance from Three Horns- Divide.

Once you have found everything, return to Tina, place the items on the table, and collect your reward.

You Are Cordially Invited: RSVP

  • Experience: 3104 XP
  • Money: $109
  • Gear: Paraquat Projectile/Sticky Lobbed Grenade mod

Go to the Meltwater Crossing while the waypoint marker is there, and you will get attacked by some enemies. There is a guy called Flesh-Stick amongst one of them – don’t kill him. Instead, just shoot him once to get his attention, and then lure him back to the entrance of the workshop.

If he stop following in the way, shoot him again to get his attention. Now, just one more annoying mission left for Tina’s odd tea party.

You Are Cordially Invited: Tea Party

  • Experience: 2069 XP
  • Money: None
  • Gear: Corrosive Teapot

Go and slap Flesh-Stick and then do the same with Mr. Sparks. Three waves of enemies will begin to come after you, and you’ll need to take care of them to proceed. Make sure you protect the generator, which is primarily what the enemies are going to try to destroy.

The final wave will be all Goliaths, so you can get them ranging, and they will turn on each other to make the fight much easier. Talk to Tina to finally end these ridiculous Tea Party missions.

No Hard Feelings

  • Experience: 3104 XP
  • Money: $109
  • Gear: Social Projectile Diversification/Akurate Carbene

Go to the Tundra Express and look for Will the Bandit, the Tundra Patrol. When you find him, take him down, and he will drop a recorder. You will need to go find a stash filled with goodies, which is located to the east entrance of the Three Horns Divide.

You will find out that it was all a trap, and a set of bandits will come to attack you. Take them down to earn your reward.

Borderlands 2 Side Missions Walkthrough – Bloodshoot Stronghold

Out of Body Experience

  • Experience: 2069 XP
  • Money: None
  • Gear: Shotgun/Shield

When you are doing the Splinter Group mission, you will come across the Loader #1340 AI Core in the Bloodshot Stronghold. This will initiate the side-mission

You will need to travel to the Bloodshot Dam, located all the way through the Stronghold, through to the Bloodshot Ramparts. Once you get there, place the AI core in the construction bot and then destroy it. Grab the AI core again and place it in the War Loader. Destroy that too, and it will ask you to put it in a radio.

Head to the waypoint to get all the way to the Bloodshot Stronghold and then to the fast-travel station. Use it to go to Sanctuary and to Moxxi’s. Place the AI core in the large radio in the backroom. After it has done playing, shoot the radio, and grab the core again.

If you take it to Zed, you will get a shield. If you take it to Marcus, you will get a Shotgun. The choice is yours.

Best Mother’s Day Ever

  • Experience: 2903 XP
  • Money: None
  • Gear: Love Thumper Shield

During the Hidden Journals quest, you will reach Old Cranky’s Pond. There is a nice chest lying on the ground near the shack that Taggart gifted to his mother. Go to the chest, and then search for Taggart.

Make your way east of Overlook, and then drop into the lair. You will fight some various enemies here, including Henry. Grab the loot, and then place the chest on the rock ledge in the center of the area to open it.