Project Eternity Update – Info on Tiers, DRM and Add-Ons

It seems that Project Eternity has found some love for, and because of that; it’s releasing completely DRM free. This offer of a DRM-free game only extends to people who back the game on Kickstarter at this current time.

Even sweeter; if you backed the game on Kickstarter you can choose whether you want your digital copy of the game to come from or Steam, and you’ll be presented with a key for whichever one you choose.

There’s more good news for Project Eternity as well. They’ve added a couple of new Digital Tiers at $50 and $80. The lower of the two grants you a digital version of the game, a downloadable soundtrack, a digital copy of the Collector’s Book as well as wallpapers, concept art, high resolution version of the map and some ringtones.

The next digital tier, $80, grants you everything you get in the $50 tier, but also comes with a second digital copy of the game to give to a friend and a downloadable strategy guide. Pretty swanky.

Obsidian also announced even more stuff. There’s some Add-Ons that have been announced, and plans for even more. You can now add a few things on to your pledge, though the list is limited to just two options at the moment: For an additional $25 you can add a Digital Download of the game, or for $60 you can add three Digital Downloads of the game.

It’s all looking good for Project Eternity. They’ve already got far more than the funding they originally wanted, at over $1.6 million already and on the rise!