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Playstation Plus Coming to PS Vita

Good news if you’re the owner of a PS Vita, because today at Sony’s pre-Tokyo Game Show presser it was announced that you could get Playstation Plus on the PS Vita starting this November. Members will be able to access the included instant game collection, buy games for a discount, and have access to 1GB of online game storage for saves and DLC.

No worries if you already have PS Plus, because Sony says that you will be able to enjoy the service on Vita at no extra cost. Pricing is set at a flat rate: three months for $18, or one year for $50.

Vita with PS Plus can also take advantage of automatic updates, which means that your PS Vita will automatically begin downloading game demos, game updates, and system updates. There weren’t any details as to when exactly in November this version of PS Plus launches, so I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.