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F1 2012 Creative Director Replies To Abusive Messages From Community

Steve Hood, the creative director for the recently released F1 2012 title has been bombed with a lot of hateful comments from the community.

The hate seems to be all focused on the new changes made to the game’s mechanics this year. Hood stated that he will not tolerate such ‘disgraceful messages’ directed at him or his colleagues.

Posting on the official forums of F1 2012 he said:

Wow, I’ve got a few heated messages about Wear-Gate and that’s putting it as softly as I possibly can.

For some reason a vocal minority seem to jump on bad news, without waiting five minutes for an explanation. I care, we care, we’re doing our best and we’re here to interact with you whenever we can. I like to think we do more than most, but that doesn’t seem to be enough for some people.

Let me start out by saying I have read almost every tweet sent my way, the majority of the forum posts and I’m well aware of the reaction and why people might want to jump up and down with internet-rage. You care, you want your point to be registered and I understand that. Truly, I do. What I can’t understand or more importantly won’t accept, are some of the outright disgraceful messages sent to myself and those that work with or for me. There is no need for that kind of stuff.

Hood also said that he loves to interact with the community through his personal twitter account and the forums. He asked the ‘offenders’ to be more mature about the matter and start helping to make the community a better place.

Historically I’ve gone out of my way to interact via my personal Twitter account and the forum simply because I think it creates a better relationship between those that make key decisions and those that buy the game. I’d like to keep doing this, but it’s a process of give and take. Try and contribute sensibly and politely, it helps us all. The repeat offenders and sarcastic few just get blocked so your voice is quickly lost. If you really do care, how is that going to help?

To emphasize how low some people have gone in expressing themselves, Hood shared some of the messages he had received. One of them said, “F**k you piece of sh*t!!!!! You don’t understand nothing of F1 or racing games….”

While another user replied to Hood’s forum post saying that director should have more respect for people, that his post depicted otherwise.

That’s the power of social media at work here guys. The freedom to lynch a creative director because you didn’t like one of the changes to the game.

F1 2012 released last week for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The game got great reviews from all major websites.