Borderlands 2 ‘So Much Blood’ Guide – How To Gunzerk Continuously

If you are an achievement hunter, there are some achievements in Borderlands 2 that will challenge your skills a bit.

Hunting down these achievements is actually more fun than the linear ones. So Much Blood is one such achievement that will net you 20 G points if you unlock it.

If you have been struggling to carry on the Gunzerking mode for 90 seconds, continue reading below to find the build you need to keep in Gunzerker Mode for more than 90 seconds.

Gunzerked continuously for 90 seconds.

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How to Unlock So Much Blood Achievement
Since you are going to need the Gunzerking action skill, Salvador should be the character of choice. Apart from the Gunzerking skill, there are some other skills from Salvador’s skill tree you need to unlock.

Following is the list of skills you need to unlock:

Last Longer (Increases the Gunzerking duration) from the Rampage skill tree
Required Level = 10
Skill Upgrade Recommended (5/5)

Yippe ki Ya (Increases the duration of dual-wielding every time an enemy is killed while Gunzerking) from the Rampage Skill Tree.
Required Level = 20
Recommended Upgrade = 5/5

With these skills unlocked and fully upgraded, you will have the Gunzerking mode activated for 15 seconds with three additional seconds on each kill. Now, all you need to do is select an open area full of enemies that can let you Gunzerk for 90 seconds.

Make sure that you are doing it solo as in co-op, other people will steal kills, and you can find it hard to carry on the mode for 90 seconds.

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