Visit the Dishonored “End Game”

The fourth and final developer diary for Dishonored is out now, and it’s titled “End Game.”

Yes, this is Arkane Studios’ final dev diary in the series they’re releasing for their upcoming game. In this final episode, we get to see the developers talking about the journey they went on in creating Dishonored, rather than talking about Corov’s abilities or the in-game environments.

We get to hear about the early concepts and just what it took to drag the game up from those early designs into the game it is today.

It’s interesting to hear just how the developers went about creating such an open game, and all the reasons behind their decisions and choices.

What’s more, we hear from the creative directors that Dishonored is actually finished, and is fully playable. It’s now in the final phases of development; all the little bugfixes and necessary tweaks and polish that will make it the final product that we can all expect to enjoy.

Dishonored releases very soon on October 9, and I certainly can’t wait much longer for it.