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Rumor: GTA 5 Coming To Wii U?

Recently Swedish retailer CDON posted a listing for the Wii U version of GTA 5. Now, take this with a pinch of salt, as CDON isn’t exactly a well-known force in the field, but it’s not as ludicrous as it might sound at first.

Nintendo isn’t as hardline about barring games they don’t deem ‘family friendly’ as they used to be (as we saw with the release of GTA: Chinatwon Wars on the DS.

Aside from that most developers are not as ignorant of the potential of the Wii U as they were upon the launch of the original Wii. It’s entirely possible that the Wii U may replicate its predecessor’s success and every third party developer out there is aware of that.

Source. GoNintendo