Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition To Get Creative Mode Soon

The highly anticipated 1.8.2 update for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition is nearly finished, according to 4J Studio’s Paddy Burns. The developer spoke recently with Hookshot Inc about the upcoming update.

Gamers have been waiting for this update ever since the initial release of the Xbox version of Minecraft, as it introduces one of the features that makes constructive worlds on the PC version so much fun: Creative Mode.

Minecraft fans far and wide enjoy the building aspects as much as the RPG aspects, and Creative Mode helps to bring all your building dreams to reality. And they’re also introducing Superflat Worlds to the game, giving you a nigh-endless canvas to build upon.

1.8.2 doesn’t just bring treats for the builders though, there’s also additions coming to make adventuring more fun! The Abandoned Mineshafts, Strongholds, Ravines and NPC Villages are also included, adding even more to the landscape to roam around and discover.

There’s not much longer to wait now, either. Paddy Burns said that they’re pretty much done and are now in the final stretch of development. It should be just another week before they send it off to Microsoft for the final tests.

“Creative Mode is pretty much done now,” Burns commented. “One of the challenges was to try to keep the number of groups in the menu down, while also trying to plan for the space required for the new items coming in the near future.

“The last thing we want to do is to have the players learn where items are in the Creative Inventory Menu, and then have to re-learn when the next update comes out. We will have a new tab coming for potions in a future update, but we’ve got the space to fit that.”

They’re always adding new features to Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition, in order to bring it up to date with the PC version. They’ve even added in new food!