Five Reasons Why The Sun’s Argument Against Nintendo Wii U Is Invalid

Fellow gamers! It seems we have been enlightened by a set of opinions regarding Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U, which got a price and release window reveal last week. ‘There’s more than one opinion out there’, you might say, and I do unconditionally agree to that statement, but the set of opinions that I speak of are special, so special that one can take face-palming to a whole new level.

Just a few hours ago, the ‘ever-so-dependable’ British tabloid newspaper The Sun, known oh-so-well for it’s inauspicious methods of news highlighting and opinion-making, enlisted no less than 5 reasons why you shouldn’t buy the Wii U when it comes out.

There’s a set of paragraphs with some random bit of detail-giving for each enlisted reason in this inappropriately assembled article. For those who don’t have the time, or really don’t care to (the latter type would probably be more abundant) go through the many sentences of ‘why-so-bad’, the summarized 5 enlisted reasons are:

  1. It’ll be outdated within a year
  2. Vita masquerading as the GamePad
  3. The threat to all consoles – mobile gaming
  4. DS + Wii = fail?
  5. It’s dramatically over-priced

Seriously, The Sun? Seriously?

I suppose the uninformed author of the article didn’t care to have a look at the revealed technical specifications of the Wii U. He could’ve simply dropped by our site and checked out this link.

Sure, the folks at Nintendo were a bit shy when talking about the CPU and GPU of their console, but the rest of the specs clearly indicate that the platform is well-equipped for handling next-generation games, boasting 2GB RAM, which far surpasses the 512MB one on the current Xbox 360.

Secondly, the console is targeting an entirely different audience – one that is looking for a home entertainment system rather than a full-on hardcore gaming device. Another fact that was also being neglected while the author was researching was that the next-generation capable gaming engines (Frostbite 2.0, new FOX Engine) were running smooth as butter on current devices, and that these engines would be resource-friendly, taking up roughly the same amount of juice as most of the current-generation gaming technology does.

For the Vita masquerading part – well, it’s kind of silly to compare an entire console with a handheld. Sure, the Vita is a badass piece of gadget, but it has a category of its own really, and one would be silly to actually compare the Vita and the GamePad, of which the latter is primarily a ‘secondary’ device that can also play games when you absolutely have no other main source.

The Vita on the other hand is a dedicated gaming device, and its integration with the PlayStation 3 isn’t its main function, but only an auxiliary luxury. So, one does not simply compare Vita with Wii U.

But wait, there’s more! The ominous mobile gaming is going to kill us all! Well, okay, it isn’t. The thing is, mobile gaming, despite being as powerful as it currently is, cannot replace consoles, not in the next few years at least.

Just like consoles can’t replace PCs no matter how powerful and intelligent they get, and mobile technology in-turn cannot replace PCs no matter how many cores you slap on their miniaturized boards, the cellular technology does not currently have the zest to replace home entertainment gaming systems. Plus, as cellular gaming advances further, so does the console application, with now offerings such as TVii, intelligent interfacing, and ingenious in-the-works technology like the recently patented Environment Display .

The Sun author backed his statements by exampling the revelation of the supposedly ‘next-generation’ iPhone 5; the fact that phones with better technology and gaming capability already exist doesn’t seem to have crossed his mind. Plus, the iPhone 5 is such a controversial successor that even the biggest of the Apple fans are face-palming with both their hands.

And when it comes to the fact that Wii U combines all the goods of the Nintendo DS and the Wii, who the hell wouldn’t want that to happen anyways? Anyone in the console market would love to see the combination of two best-selling platforms in one package.

Okay, all of that is fine, but The Sun makes one last defense attempt by stating that the Wii U is over-priced. The Wii U is actually less priced than what it has to offer, giving you a brilliant mix of goodies for just $350.

All modern consoles cost round about this much, and it’s already been made clear that the Wii U is well-equipped for next-generation, which will really make Sony and Microsoft think while pricing their next console releases. It’s as if the iPhone 5 which The Sun is perving over isn’t over-priced at all!

So, take it, or leave it, but your argument is invalid.

You don’t always get to use internet meme statements for an appropriate cause, but when you do, it’s because someone’s being unjust.