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F1 2012 PC Crashes, Errors, Graphics, Freezes and Fixes

F1 2010 was a painful experience for PC gamers with a plethora of bugs and game breaking issues, but Codemasters took the feedback and improved the game in 2011. F1 is back again this year, and it is the most polished yet.

How did they do that? Well, they probably learnt from their past mistakes and ported the game with a dedicated team. Even then, you might come across few bugs and errors due to some compatibility or driver-related issues anyway. In that situation, refer to the workarounds listed in our troubleshooting guide below!

#1 F1 2012 – Flickering Problem
If you have been facing the problem that your screen keeps on flickering, and you are using AMD’s crossfireX, create a custom profile for F1 2012 and put “AMD CrossFireX™ Mode” to “Optimize 1×1.”

#2 F1 2012 – Black Screen Crash
You can try out the following work around:

  • Head to C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\My Games\FormulaOne2012\hardwaresettings
  • Open the hardware_settings_config.xml file in a text editor like Notepad++
  • Go to line 7 and change it:

to true. Make sure that you are using the latest Gfx drivers, and if you are sure that the drivers are updated, try rolling back to older, more stable drivers.

If the problem still persists, open the same file and set multisampling=”off”.

#3 F1 2012 – Invincible Walls Bugs
I am not quite sure that this bug still exists or not, but you have been unlucky enough; it’s better to report the support staff or maybe wait for the patch.

#4 F1 2012 Error – Cannot Initialise Graphics
Make sure that you have the updated version of gfx drivers. Manual Installation of Directx may solve the problem for you.

#5 F1 2012 – The Game Does not Start
Since graphics are crucial for the game-like F1, any outdated version may create problems. Make sure that you aren’t using too many old drivers. Furthermore, you can try the following workaround:

Right click F1 2012 executable file and click properties, and then un-check the “enable steam community in-application” box. The problem can also be because your Steam Account was not connected to your current PC. Make sure you launch the game with Steam Logged in. Furthermore, try checking the integrity of the files.

#6 F1 2012 – Game Crashes to Desktop
You can try the solutions in the above-mentioned points. Old drivers (like motherboard’s bios) can cause problems. Please not that updating motherboard’s bios is a risky step so don’t try it until you know exactly what you are doing. You can make use of CPU-Z for assistance.

#7 F1 2012 – Brakes Problem
If you are facing the issue that you can’t speed up because the brakes are being applied even if you haven’t pressed the pedal, then you should try re-configuring your controls for the wheel. It’s not a but so re-configuration or even a PC restart may solve the problem.

#8 F1 2012 – The G27 Not Being Recognized By the Game
It can happen to some wheels when you press a button from keyboard or mouse when game asks you right at the start-up screen. Make sure that you press the button or the pedal of the wheel so that the game does not recognizes it as keyboard or a regular controller.

#9 F1 2012 – Error Code 41
The problem can be due to the servers at Codemasters’ end. You may want to try again later. You can also get the error if you don’t have updated drivers specially for Nvidia cards.

#10 F1 2012 – Engine Blows Out After/During Every Race
It’s a problem reported by many users. Seems like a bug which will probably be fixed by Codemasters soon.

If you come across any other issues, let us know in the comments and we will try to help you out!