Diablo 3 Inferno Difficulty – Figure It Out Yourself

Once again, Wyatt Chang has made a dev blog post, explaining the design decisions for Diablo 3. While I totally like the changes, it seems like the overall message is, “We give up, you figure it out.”

While they’re making the damage you take overall, in Inferno, a lot less, they’re also adding in a new feature, that can make the game a lot more difficult than it is now. Players can now manually change the power level of the monsters they’re fighting, up to as if there were 8 players in the game.

The reason they went with these changes, was because many players felt hat Inferno was far too hard to play, especially if they never used the auction house. Tuning the game down, was for them. However, the more hardcore base, have top of the line items, and find Inferno far too easy at this point. So, nerfing Inferno would only serve as a means to annoy them further. By not being able to find a sweet spot for this problem, Blizzard is pretty much telling us to just figure it out, and giving us full control of how hard we want the game to be.

While I like that they’re satisfying everyone, I still feel as if its a clunky way to deal with it. I do, however, like the fact that if we choose to increase the difficulty of the game, we’re rewarded with better loot.