Castlevania Movie In Development

Michael Dorn has confirmed in an interview that there is indeed a Castlevania movie in the works and he is one of the guys on board.

The interview was conducted by and here is what Dorn said about the movie.

People have been trying to get this thing done for a long time and they finally got the producers together that want to do it. They finally got the OK from the owners, and so they’re doing it.

It’s a fun little part. It’s four days, and I’m playing a werewolf that’s been around for a gajillion years who works for this vampire. It’s not too far from Worf because there’s a lot of killing and jumping and sword fights and everything.

Talks of the movie went live back in 2006 and it was that the project had a $50 million budget. Over the years the movie got further delayed because of changes in distribution companies and budgeting problems; until finally the project was abandoned in 2009.

Movies based on video games mostly come out horrible so I personally won’t be holding my breath for this.