F1 2012 Review Round Up – Codemasters Have Created A Masterpiece

The first reviews for Codermasters’ F1 2012 racing title are here. So far everyone has given them favorable high scores and it seems it really is a very good title for racing fans.

CVG – 8.1/10
“Now, the game not only looks like F1, finally it moves like real F1. There’s not much greater praise you can give an F1 game than that.”

OXM UK – 9/10
“Toss in some of the sweetest car and track visuals the genre’s ever seen, and you’ve got one of the Xbox’s most engrossing racing experiences.”

IGN – 9/10
“Equal parts simulation and re-creation of the real world events, Codemasters Birmingham has done a magnificent job of capturing the precision of the vehicles and the excitement of individual events.”

Eurogamer – 7/10
“F1 2012 is a good game, but it’s some way off from being the classic it could be.”

Videogamer – 8/10
“Codemasters has given the curse of yearly development cycles a boot to the face, and it continues to deliver in style.”