Dead Space 3 Will Attempt to Deliver ‘Quad-A’ Standards

Isaac’s torments continue as the unfortunate engineer lands in a harsh icy planet in Dead Space 3, and to add to his dread, he’s got an eccentric not-so-likeable ally with him, in the form of John Carver.

The questionable decision to include co-op in the primarily horror series has stirred some hot debates, and while the goods and bads along with all that is currently new was summed up in our July’s preview, Visceral chief and Dead Space 3 executive producer Steve Papoutsis stepped to the front, reassuring gamers that the third installment will live up to never-before seen standards.

In a short but informative interview held by CVG recently, Papoutsis was intent on convincing fans that the horror aspect of the game still remained, despite the addition of co-op, and certain movement-freeing changes such as the ability to dodge.

“One of the biggest challenges for us is to continue to keep things fresh. We’re at the third installment, and the sheer shock value of seeing the dismemberment, and some of those things that have become staples of the franchise, aren’t going to continue to scare people the way they have done. I’d say our biggest challenge is keeping it fresh, mixing it up so it doesn’t become predictable. There’s no obvious cadence to when we’re gonna scare you.”

One of the biggest complaints regarding the progression of the Dead Space series is how it went from classy horror game style to Hollywood style, bringing in some blockbuster-like moments that made the developer’s motives questionable. However, Steve suggests that they are keeping things extremely tidy at their end and not letting the sheer quality of all that is good about Dead Space slip away. In fact, he even goes on to say that they are trying to maintain ‘Quad-A’ standards.

“…We want to excel. We want to deliver a game that’s Quad-A, that’s beyond what we’ve done before.”

“Yeah, a lot of people say ‘Triple A’ and that’s kind of become the norm, with all the “big triple A games” yadda yadda. No. We want to go beyond Triple A. We want to push to the next level. We’ve taken up just saying ‘Quad A’ all day.”

When asked about co-op, the executive producer had a slightly optimistic frame of mind:

“We want a true co-operative experience that feels different when you play it with a friend. In terms of horror, we’re hoping that when friends are playing they’ll be communicating with one another. Those types of interactions are going to help elicit some different feelings with players; whether it’s excitement, thrills, tension – I think that’s going to come from the unique interactions between the players as they’re talking.”

Speaking frankly, we’re not quite confident of co-op’s inclusion in a horror game series, particularly one like Dead Space. Nevertheless, we do hope that Steve and his guys manage to keep the ‘Quad-A’ quality standards.

Dead Space comes out next year in February, for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.