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Black Ops 2: Beta Testers Reveal List of Multiplayer Maps

Black Ops 2
Beta testers for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 have revealed a list of the multiplayer maps along with a short description of each map.

Note that the list does not contain all of the maps in the final game.

Carrier: Chinese Supercarrier. Open engagements on the deck, with great close quarter fights through the hull.

Cargo: Port of Singapore. Good for close quarters engagements and verticality.

Drone: Hidden drone facility in the heart of the Mynamar jungles. Great long engagements down the center, fun close quarter fights through the facility.

Express: Los Angeles bullet train station. Good long to medium engagements up and down the bullet train tracks.

Hijacked: Luxurious super yacht. Frantic, yet controlled close quarters engagements.

Aftermath: Set in a ruined downtown Los Angeles after an invasion.

Meltdown: Pakistan nuclear power plant. Battle for control of the nuclear cooling tower and the surrounding facilities.

Nightclub: Floating resort in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Tight corners and angles throughout.

Overflow: Peshawar, Pakistan. Great urban engagements in the flooded streets.

Raid: Fight through this hillside mansion, in the Hollywood Hills. Hectic close quarters engagements.

Slums: Run down section of Panama. Great close quarters engagements and tough chokes to fight over.

Socotra: Urban streets of Yemen. Tight alleys and close quarters engagements.

Turbine: Wind farm in the steep hills of Yemen. Fight across the different tiers and angles.

Village: “Border town between China and Kyrgyzstan. Classic engagements and destinations to fight over.”