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Nintendo Revives Bayonetta 2 For Wii U But Why Are Fans Complaining?

Don’t you just hate it when you see people following trends just to act like one in the crowd? Well, I do and I’m not too pleased with what’s happening with Bayonetta 2 either.

Nintendo’s recent announcement of Bayonetta 2 being an exclusive title for their Wii U console really took hold of me. I was happy; reason being that we’ve all come to bash Nintendo for not having AAA grade exclusive titles; that they always go after the casual market and have never seemed interested in a M rated title.

Well, times are changing and Nintendo is now bringing you Bayonetta 2; that should make you feel appreciative right? Wrong! The result is half of the web being flooded with hate comments directed at Nintendo and Platinum Games.

Now as soon as the announcement was aired, we all knew that ‘some’ portion of gamers would not be liking this. I couldn’t have known that ‘some’ meant a lot of gamers.

Since morning, I’ve come across dozens of people chanting for boycotts on forums, profanity filled tweets, liking Facebook statuses that Nintendo has just screwed us all, and the like.

As the day progressed, I can only say that it has now turned into a trend and that really confuses me. It seems to me like people are actually enjoying portraying their hate for Nintendo. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is coming out going ‘Bayonetta 2 exclusive to Nintendo? Yeah Nintendo needs to die’.

What many of them fail to realize is that Bayonetta 2 was already cancelled by Sega earlier this year.

See my point? People are hating on Nintendo without even knowing that they saved the Bayonetta franchise. What would you opt for: Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U or no Bayonetta 2 at all?

Platinum Games needed to send out a sequel to the game but were cut short by Sega. Perhaps Nintendo was even the highest bidder here and ended up as their publisher. How can someone even blame Platinum Games here for their decision? All the hateful spam that’s piling up on their twitter account is inappropriate.

It’s unknown as to whether Nintendo fought against another publisher to claim the rights to the sequel, or if they were alone. In both cases, it speaks good news for Platinum Games. You can’t seriously say that the developer’s decision was based on greed, and that they screwed the fans. It was better than throwing the game in the bin.

It’s also amazing to see how hopeful people are; that perhaps the game is a timed-exclusive title for Wii U. I seriously doubt that. Knowing Nintendo, they probably have a full-on contract and there’s no way they would be giving up on this title now. Well, unless they sold the rights to another publishing house.

The first Bayonetta sold around 2 million copies worldwide in the first three months which seem pretty low if you take a look at the good ratings it received from reviewers. Almost half of that was on the PS3 version which was a very bad port. The game had severe frame rate issues which I believe were fixed later with a patch.

I, frankly, doubt Bayonetta 2 will even cross the 1 million mark on the Wii U alone. The sequel has potential for better sales if it went multi-platform. However, we can’t look away from the fact that Nintendo offered to take Bayonetta 2 under its wing when there was no one else. Any other developer in the place of Platinum Games would have done the same.

If you must blame someone, then blame your favorite publishing houses or other big names who could have come in before Nintendo but didn’t.