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FIFA 13 Skill Games Guide – Bronze, Silver and Gold Challenges Tips

Skill games are the upcoming feature in FIFA 13, which aim to teach you the basics and advanced tricks of the game. They are not only fun but thoroughly engrossing as well.

Sometimes playing the skill games as you wait for the match to start is the best bit of your playing experience. They are just not fun and short but also thoroughly addictive as well.

Playing these Skill games requires a bit of skill. Now that is why we are here to help you build your skill level by giving useful tips. If you master these skill games chances are they will help you immensely in your matches too. So there is good incentive to master them.

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Let’s begin with these games:


Basically, FIFA 13 takes the player through a bronze, silver and gold skill challenge.

Bronze Challenge: You will be asked to hit four targets with eight attempts under a minute and a half. The targets naturally are the two top corners and the bottom corners. Best way to do is just to finesse the ball to the targets. By finesse, I mean holding down the R1/RB button while shooting as this helps you place the ball rather than smack it.

Silver Challenge: This one is a bit trickier as you are further out and have two walls blocking your view. To hit the upper targets you need to hit the ball with power to get it over the wall and use finesse to curl it towards your target. To hit the bottom two targets just curl the ball around the wall instead of going over it. Use less power on these two bottom targets.

Gold Challenge: In this skill-game, a ball will be coming to you from either side of the field. The goal here is to hit the four targets by a header, volley or bicycle kick. No points will be rewarded to you if you dribble the ball before shooting it. Fancier shots will get more points if you hit any of the targets.

Please note that you will get more points if you hit the center of the targets. Furthermore, use manual shooting when doing this challenge. This will make the challenge far harder, but your game will improve tenfold.


This skill challenge also has three levels to it Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze Challenge: This challenge is really simple all you have to do is strike the dummies by passing them the ball from your allotted box. Power up your pass if the dummy is further away or strike with low power if the dummy is near you. Strike all Seven dummies under a minute and a half and you will clear this challenge. Please note that this challenge has the option of assisted passing on.

Silver Challenge: Exactly like the first skill challenge but in this manual passing will be on which means you would not get any help from the A.I when it comes to directing your pass. Please remember you get more points by actually striking the dummy instead of just rolling your ball through the two gates by its sides.

Gold Challenge: Similar to silver challenge but with one big glaring difference. There are defenders trying to intercept your pass. Carefully direct your passes but make sure to time them perfectly. Please remember to pass the ball to the dummies who have the arrow pointing towards them otherwise no points will be awarded.


This skill challenge also has three levels to it Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze Level: The aim of this challenge is to hit all the targets in the goal with only ten attempts. This level teaches just really how important the green, yellow, red bar at the bottom is. To hit a successful penalty start powering up your short when the marker is in the green part of the bar.

After you have started powering up delicately move your left joystick in the direction you want to shoot. Delicately is the keyword here as if you move the Left joystick too much you will most certainly kick the ball wide of the goal. Your aiming circle will get bigger and bigger if you do not power up in the green part of the bar. This will reduce your accuracy.

Silver Level: In this challenge, you will have to chip the ball over the boxes into the four target bins. To do a chip press your LB/L1 button while you are shooting. After you have done this successfully twice the aiming circle will vanish, and you will be on your own. Please remember to start to power up in the green part of the bar and do not power it up too much after all you are chipping the ball instead of shooting it.

Gold Challenge: Like the bronze challenge but in this challenge, you have to stutter in order to activate the targets. You can stutter in your penalty by once again pushing the shoot button. This also allows you to change your direction in mid penalty if you change your mind.

Please note that only once you have stuttered some of the targets will light up to shoot at then you can aim at them and shoot.

Free Kicks

For more in depth knowledge about free kicks please refer to our free kick guide.

Bronze Stage: Simple challenge hit the four targets in the given amount of time with only eight attempts. To add curl to your free kick move the left joystick left or right while powering up.

To add back spin or top spin move the left joy stick forward or backwards. To execute a driven free kick press LB/L1 while you are powering up.

Silver Stage: You are bit further out from the goal in this stage and have a wall to deal with. Curl your ball around the wall or use topspin/ backspin to get your ball over the wall and hit as many targets as you can in the given amount of time.

Gold Stage: In this skill challenge you need to have more than one player at your disposal to activate the targets and then eventually hit them. All of this is covered in great detail in our free kick guide here. Please refer to this for more information.


This is perhaps the easiest of all skill challenges or at least that is how I found it to be.

Bronze Challenge: Run into the marked box with the ball to activate the targets in the penalty box. Press the X/Square button to lob the ball on to the target and hit it. Remember more points for hitting the center of the target. Hit all three targets to progress to the next level.

Silver Challenge: Exactly like the bronze one only difference is you will have to swing in early crosses into the penalty box. To do hold LB/L1 while lob the ball into the penalty box ad try to hit the targets. You have eight attempts to hit all three targets to progress to the next level.

Gold Challenge: Now this where it gets tricky in this skill challenge. You have to deliver low crosses into the penalty box to hit the targets or put the balls into the bins. To deliver a low cross hold LB/L1 and tap the X/Square button twice while powering up. Furthermore, here is where the manual settings kick in, and you would not be assisted by A.I. for the cross-direction.

Lob Pass

Bronze Level: The challenge is simple all you have to do is to lob the ball into the many bins facing you. Remember if you put the ball in a bin further away from you, you get more points. This skill challenge gives you a very nice sense how much power you should behind your lob passes.

Silver Level: In this part of the skill challenge, you have to hit a low more driven lob pass and strike your targets. You can do this by pressing RB/R1 while powering your lob by pressing X/Square button. This passed is used when you want the ball to bounce into the recipients’ feet rather than land there. You get more points for hitting the smaller targets. You need to hit as many as targets as you can in ten attempts to clear this stage.

Gold Level: Hit the crossbars as many times as you can in ten attempts by pressing the lob button. Simple but hard.


Bronze Stage: Dribble between the sticks placed in front of you in a single line and eventually try to hit remaining active targets in the goal. Please note if you take too long to dribble all targets in the goal will deactivate, and you will have to restart.

Silver Stage: Now the poles/sticks in front of you are a lot closer to each other making it hard for you to dribble between them. Furthermore, they are no longer placed in a straight line which increases the difficulty even further.

Dribble between them all and then eventually try to hit remaining active targets in the goal. Please note if you take too long to dribble all targets in the goal will deactivate, and you will have to restart. Furthermore, there will be little cones waiting for you to dribble through them once you are done with the sticks.

Try to hold the LT/L2 button and slow dribble so as you have more control over the ball and do not touch the sticks.

Gold Stage: Basically, an obstacle course running the whole length of the field. Clear it by using the tricks you have learned in the previous two parts of this skill challenge. To be frank and honest, this challenge is for only hardcore veterans of FIFA. I can’t see much practicality of the things you learn in it in an actual match.

Advance Shooting

This is the most effective skill game in the whole of FIFA. Things you learn in this skill game bear the most fruit in the actual matches in the game.

Bronze Level: Chip the ball over the box wall and hit the target in the goals.

Silver Level: Strike the ball first time and hit three of the targets in the goal in twelve attempts. Manual settings will be on for this stage.

Gold Level: You have the luxury of dribbling with the ball now in this part of the challenge but now there is also a goal keeper to contend with. Ultimate goal is to hit the targets in the goal and please note that you get more points for rounding the goal keeper before hitting the targets.