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Wii U Games Priced at $59.99 But Some Games Could Cost More

Wii U games are going to cost $59.99, which is a $10 increase from Wii games. I’m not entirely sure that this is a good idea, considering the Wii U isn’t exactly next generation. It’s not that much better than the 360, with 1080p ability being the only thing that really sets it apart from whats currently out there.

So, when the real next generation consoles come out, which will have better graphical performance than the Wii U, where will the Wii U stand in the market? Being the cheaper option, both per console and game, seemed to fit the Wii perfectly. I have no doubt that these factors played a huge part in the massive success of the Wii.

Having said all that, this $60 price is a baseline. According to a Nintendo representative, some games will cost less, while others might cost more.