Wii U Black Ops 2 Doesn’t Look Any Different From Current Gen

Yesterday at the Nintendo Direct conferences for the upcoming Wii U console, we got to see a taste of what’s to come for the more hardcore gamer audience in the form of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Eric Hirshberg from Activision was the last to speak at the American conference, closing the show with Black Ops 2.

Many gamers have been looking forward to this announcement as this will be the first Call of Duty title featured on a next-generation console, and the confirmation of release meant that the Wii U could have a hardcore gamer following.

The announcement felt a bit cold as we’d known for a rather long time that Black Ops 2 would me making it’s way to the Wii U.

What was harrowing though was the actual video content. We got to see a lot of gameplay and many of the mechanics that will separate this game from it’s Xbox and PS3 counterparts, which was great.

What wasn’t great was that the game doesn’t look any different from it’s counterparts. A lot of people were expecting to see a first-hand example of next-gen graphics, and instead we got more of the same.

The features that set apart are pretty cool though. The new way of handling splitscreen multiplayer is brilliant in my opinion; having one player use the GamePad screen and the other player watch the TV. In fact, there’s no real splitting of any screen! The other player can use the Wii U nunchuks or a Core Controller.

If you want to check out yesterday’s conference for yourself, then we’ve got footage right here: