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New Brothers In Arms Game Hasn’t Been Abandoned Yet

A couple of weeks back we reported that Brothers In Arms: Furious 4 had been canned. According to Randy Pitchford, CEO at Gearbox Software Brothers In Arms Furious 4 had evolved into an altogether new IP.

Well, since then he seems to have changed his mind. In an interview with IGN’s Greg Miller on Up at Noon he said the following:

The hallmarks of the Brothers in Arms series are about authenticity, squad combat, brotherhood between soldiers. I mean we really commit to and have a tremendous amount of deference in the Brothers in Arms games. For what Brothers in Arms is meant to be, we love that too, and we do have some creative effort going on there that will lead eventually to a project that we’ll announce at some point

There are no further details on this matter yet but this statement does give hope to all the Brothers In Arms loyalist who have been yearning for a new game in the series.

Source: IGN.