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Fuse Announcement Trailer – Feel The Shock

Developer Insomniac games released a trailer just now for their upcoming game ‘Fuse’ is which we get to see the various characters in action.

If you missed out on our Fuse/overstrike report here’s the low-down; Fuse is a co-op shooter like borderlands in which you’ll play as one of four members of the Overstrike 9 team as they attempt to protect humanity from a dangerous, alien energy source called Fuse–which they’ll also be using to power up their weapons and upgrades throughout the game. Each character has unique abilities and you can swap characters on the fly.

In the trailer we see one character act as a tank by using an ability that forms an energy shield in front of him while the others rain death on the hostiles. Another dude uses a special crossbow that literally melts enemies to slag.