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Assassin’s Creed 3 Dev Diary Talks About The Morality of Murder

The folks at Ubisoft have just released a new Dev Diary in which they talk more about character of their new protagonist, Connor.

Connor is a native American who’s motivated by his sense of justice and what he thinks is ‘good’. The devs talk about how they spent a lot of time on his beliefs, his history and especially his motivations. We get to see some of the design decisions that influenced his free running and his deadly nature as a warrior. They also tell us a little about how the founding fathers are portrayed in the game:

‘The way we wanted you to meet them [The founding fathers] over the course of your journey in a way in which the history books wouldn’t normally portray them’

We also get to see some of Connor’s dual wielding in action as he takes down some hapless soldiers who have no idea what they’re getting into while listening to some kickass background music.